Life, Love, and Passports

Birthday wishes

Today my first born celebrated her eighth birthday. She woke up this morning with the biggest yelp and her excitement was infectious. After opening her gifts and reading greeting cards she was ready to face the warmest day of the year. She had a fun day planned with a few of her friends and she couldn’t wait.

Where did the years go? It seems like just yesterday that she wouldn’t go to sleep (Mmm come to think of it that’s not actually changed!) and suffered from colic. Now it’s hard to imagine life before her. As I watched her with her friends it was clear to see that she values friendship and is a team player. She loved having her friends around on her special day yet she took time to care for her younger sisters too.

Today I feel especially blessed having been trusted with an amazingly bright, thoughtful and extremely wise little girl well not so little anymore! She challenges us daily and tests boundaries constantly. Her enquiring mind keeps us sharp and grateful for search engines.

Her special day is drawing to a close and she’s managed to do all the things she enjoys. There’s nothing more to be said or done.
Happy birthday Charis!


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