Life, Love, and Passports

My dream come true

People have many dreams some short term others long term. Some are easily achieved and others appear impossible. My dream was achievable but it has taken much longer than I anticipated. While I make much of the fact that all of my girls are late risers this comes at a cost of keeping them up later at night.

Each night sees me getting tangled in a bedtime debate. Just five more minutes mom! What about our bedtime drink? One more story! Aren’t you going to pray with us? We need to brush our teeth! While these are all part of our routine it can be terribly frustrating when time out was called an hour before.

Yesterday was the day I’d dreamed of the day they would all declare together that they’d had enough and it was time for bed – no strings attached! My response was a doubting Thomas one and I said not just to myself but also to the three of them “This I’ve got to see!” True to their word they were out like a light.

Admittedly we had an unusually long day but we have busy days often enough for me to know that my girls are die hards. On some occasions I say goodnight and leave them hanging about. Sadly those times are limited to the weekends!

I have amazing children and I can’t help but wonder if they’d be even more amazing if they went to bed at a reasonable hour. I’m concerned that I may never find out. If last nights experience is never repeated at least I can rest assured it is actually possible. Dreams do come true…even the smallest of them!


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