Life, Love, and Passports

The constant tourist

I’ve been in the UK well over four years now and I always take pictures when I’m out and about. You see it is very true that there’s always something new to be seen not just on new adventures but the regular ones too. If you’re out and about in your neighbourhood I dare you to find something amazing to capture on film!

A week ago I took my very first sightseeing bus tour and it was around my city, the city of Birmingham. It was very informative and I loved the rich history, awesome buildings and the fact that it has more canals than Venice! There was so much to see and I’ll probably go again. The tour brought back memories of my hometown Pietermaritzburg it’s rich history and countless trips to the museums.

There has been a serious lack of sunshine during the month of August but the beautiful flowers around the city have left no doubt in my mind that it is indeed summer.
The international food fair is in full swing at present and it brings a kind of festivity to the city. The showcase of world flavours is amazing.

This last week also saw us taking a trip to the beautiful city of Oxford. Wow! Far too much history and majestic buildings in one little city. We hopped on a tour bus my second in as many days and it was well worth it! With this second trip I decided that the next time I’m in South Africa I should perhaps join a tour bus and I’m certain I’ll discover so much more than meets the eye.

Hello London! I do love visiting London and it never grows old for me. There is so much to see in London and after a marathon day of shopping in Regent street the last time I was in the capital I totally avoided that part of London.
Yesterday we went off the beaten track in the form of a boat cruise along the Thames and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the river and it brought back fond memories of cruises in the Durban harbour. Priceless!

I don’t make promises lightly and I’m tempted to make promises of a picture blog soon. I’m enjoying discovering new places and things. I hope you’ll be doing the same!


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