Life, Love, and Passports

A walk on the wild side

The English premier league is now in full swing. If you’re not into football then I have no words of comfort for you.
I’ve been an Arsenal supporter for the longest time well since I laid eyes on a certain Nicolas Anelka who may I add is currently signed to his 11th club. Serious commitment issues. I’ve long lamented about the lack of achievement from the Gunners and have been seriously considering walking away. I can’t help but feel that the time is now before I start feeling guilty. They kicked the season off a week ago with a loss and perhaps that is a sign. If they should manage to do well this season I’ll have to live with my decision.

Step in Aston Villa a team who didn’t do too splendidly in the league last season but at least they’re capable of possibly achieving more this time around and they happen to be a local team. The last time I backed a local team they didn’t survive the premier league. I really hope that this will not be the case this time around. Arsenal football club will always have a special place in my sporting heart but the love has grown cold.

Today I made my second trip to Villa park, my first was to watch Bon Jovi. Aston Villa took on the might of Liverpool and fell short but it was a good contest. The fans were amazing and their cheering and enthusiasm wasn’t just palpable but contagious as well. I honestly felt that they cared for their team and wanted nothing more than for them to do well.

Football may be just a game to you and I but to the avid supporter it is a way of life. I do enjoy watching a good game of football and perhaps the time is coming for me to just appreciate it on a wider scale. Whatever happens…happens. Up the Villa I say for now!


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