Life, Love, and Passports

Somewhere over the rainbow

I’ve always been fascinated with rainbows and find them rather magical. Seeing a beautiful rainbow filling the sky fills me with hope. The hope that the storms of life do subside.

September has brought a change of season and while I’ve associated it with Spring for most of my life having moved to the northern hemisphere now means it’s the start of Autumn or Fall as some folk call it. So while it signified the beginning of new and fresh things it now signifies an unsettled period and preparation for hibernation. Those are two very different scenarios.

The seasons and their changes is a lovely reminder of life’s many facets. Though the world is filled with incredible sadness there is also much being celebrated and that is reassuring. If we hang in during the difficult times it makes the good times feel so much better.

Life is like a giant dance floor and sometimes you find yourself in the spotlight having the time of your life. Other times you’re the wallflower hanging in the shadows. In life we have to make the most of where we find ourselves either through our own doing or circumstances. Take heart the music will change and you’ll find your rhythm!


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