Life, Love, and Passports

Do you see what I see?

After numerous reminders that my eyes were due to be tested. I finally took the plunge and made that dreaded appointment. Now I know it sounds crazy when I say I’d rather sit in a dentists chair than endure those which is clearer questions from the optometrist. There’s just something about identifying those letters that leaves me feeling less than adequate.

The good news now is that I don’t have to pay them a visit for another two years. I’ve been wearing spectacles for over twenty years and still don’t feel at ease when the lights are lowered…creepy! I suspect that I give this visit far too much thought. On second thought I really don’t like the part where the optometrist gets so close to you that you can smell their lunch. Gross I know but that’s why I prefer the dentist. Can I suggest a face-mask for all optometrists?

Needless to say the optometrists did a sterling job and I’m grateful for the service they provide.


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