Life, Love, and Passports

Tooth fairy wars

I have got to be the worst tooth fairy in the world. In the back of my mind I want my children to believe in the magic of the tooth fairy who coughs up £1.50 every time they lose a tooth. On one occasion it was a generous payment of £10 because dad and mom fairy had no loose change!
The other part of my practical brain asks why am I teaching them such nonsense but because it’s expected of me by society I’m under pressure to perform. However, this does not apply to Father Christmas for he has never existed in our home. This curbs unrealistic expectations from dad and moms toy factory.

This morning I woke up with the biggest jolt because it was second night running that I’d forgotten to magically remove a little incisor which was hidden under a piece of paper marked ‘tooth fairy’ next to the television.
Now before you judge me this was the second tooth in about ten days. The first one was a breeze because my dear friend reminded me before I went to sleep and boy was I grateful for her text.

Today I’ve been saved by the skin of my own teeth because surely the tooth fairy could not possibly forget two nights in a row. My excuse yesterday was the tooth wasn’t under the original note and because we’ve moved house they sometimes need help. There was no room for error and yet it happened again.
I’ve now removed the tooth and parted with another £1.50 although my dear little Gemma is expecting much less because I pulled that silly dangly loose tooth out whilst promising to just have a look. You see I’m not just the tooth fairy but the resident dentist too!


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