Life, Love, and Passports

Just keep swimming

I decided to start swimming regularly earlier this year. I’ve always enjoyed swimming not just in pools and beaches but filthy dams, slimy rivers and just standing under the odd waterfall! Any opportunity to swim was grasped with both hands. I have wonderful memories of my friends and I just frolicking for the heck of it.

My swimming schedule has been a rather challenging experience mainly because I’d set targets for myself and really wanted to keep up ( it’s not always easy!) not just the frequency but the quality as well. For me the best way was lane swimming and I’ve learnt not just to push through time barriers but more about myself as an individual.

As a person who could quite easily exist without rules lane swimming requires me to go in one direction only. It also requires me to keep moving. Quite a challenge but I think I’ve kind of mastered that.

Being me I occasionally decide to venture outside of lane times. At those informal sessions I tend to swim zig zag because I can. I also have regular breaks and admire the surroundings (can they ban those awful little trunks please!)

Swimming has taught me so many valuable lessons. I can do whatever I set my mind to. Like in life it’s easier to compare yourself to weaker people and that may make you feel like a better person. While I started out relishing overtaking slower swimmers I now target stronger swimmers and try to keep up though I should add I’m not always successful. There’ll always be somebody in life who is fitter, faster and more fabulous than you’ll ever be. It’s all about being the best you can be .

We all set different challenges at some point in our lives, sometimes we lose and other times we win. I’m learning to be realistic about goals I set but in the meanwhile I’ll just keep swimming!


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