Life, Love, and Passports

The Missing

The last three weeks I’ve been watching this series. While I’m one for drama and suspense I get really freaked out when I watch stuff that’s so real I’ve no doubt it could happen. Having said that and being a glutton for punishment I continue to watch with one eye opened and with intermittent breathing.

This series takes us on a journey a frightening journey of a young British boy who is abducted in France while in the care of his father. Needless to say that is every parents nightmare I know it’s mine. After all I’m the crazy mother who keeps shouting for her children when out and about. After a near fatal breakdown I hear ‘I’m right behind you mummy’
This is why I’m enduring this torturous series I’m waiting for a fictional boy to be found.

I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster ride and in pain for all the families who have to live through this. These precious people young and old cannot be forgotten and it’s up to us to keep them in the forefront of people’s minds. Unfortunately the media have a short attention span and the lost and taken are quickly forgotten.

Bianca Couch you are not forgotten. It’s almost three years since you disappeared without a trace. Your family and friends have not stopped hoping for your return.

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