Life, Love, and Passports

Momma’s arms

Today I got ‘that’ call from school that I always dread. It went something like ‘your little one is poorly and would like to go home’
Our girls have general good health so when these calls are made I actually go into panic mode. I can’t get to school quick enough to pick up my precious cargo.

On arriving at the school I found myself explaining that she was totally fine when she left home. I’m not exactly sure why I felt the need to defend my actions. There was nothing to defend it was simple she went to school fell ill and needed to go home! It was just another reminder of the fear of being judged for my parenting skills.

After all the panic and guilt I realised that all my girl wanted was to lie on the couch with her momma and be told she’ll be better soon.
There is no substitute for a mothers touch. I do love being a mother and it’s always rewarding when my children find comfort in my arms.


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