Life, Love, and Passports

Love hurts

I know, I know! If it’s love it shouldn’t hurt. On the contrary I’ve found in my experience that being selfish and concerned with self preservation will bring about some discomfort when you place your heart in somebody else’s hands. People are strange creatures you see we can go from extreme selflessness to absolute hatred in a short spell. That’s the power of our emotions.

When you share your soul with someone you really go out on a limb. All the pinky promises, your secrets safe with me and my lips are sealed are well and good when times are great. What happens in tough times? Lips are quickly unsealed and secrets are laid bare.
It takes a mature individual to be able to hold their tongue when they know their words could silence their opponent.

Being married for almost fifteen years (still can’t believe how the time has flown!) I’ve learnt so much not just about my husband but about myself too.
I often tell people that our first year of marriage was tough for me and in retrospect I realise it had much to do with trust and words.

If you’ve ever been let down then it becomes a full time job guarding your heart.
Speak less and you have less to apologise for! This was the biggest lesson in those early days. Though I’d learnt this lesson quite early I still continued and to a certain degree still continue to fail this task. It’s no secret I have a big mouth and too many opinions but I’m not perfect and I’m on a journey.

If you love someone keep your words short and sweet because as you know you may have to eat them!


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