Life, Love, and Passports

The joy of anticipation

So it’s happened! It’s finally Christmas Eve. Interesting to be in the stores watching people buy food like we’re going into lockdown for a week. Different faces, different stories but all caught up in a festive wave.

My daughters are so full of expectancy having seen their gifts under the Christmas tree. I love the guessing games. Whose gift is the largest, smallest and even the best. Of course they’ll have no idea until the time is right. For now each of their gifts are just lying in wait without a name, just a secret code that I’ve devised for each of them. I’ll eventually tag them and the anticipation will swell.

Tomorrow will be a day of celebration. It’s a time we’ll remember that our Saviour was born. A time for family and friends to show appreciation by giving gifts and more importantly spending precious time together. There is no gift as beautiful as the gift of family and friendship.

I wish you and yours love, joy, peace and happiness at this awesome time of year.
Merry Christmas!


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