Life, Love, and Passports

For the love of food

This week the girls went back to school and were very excited for their healthy eating topic. The problem with school going kids (particularly in the formative stage) is that whatever the teacher says becomes law. We were going to do this whether or not we wanted to.
We took up the challenge as a family and decided we’d use this week to experiment and possibly make some permanent changes.

I am not the kind of parent who spends hours researching all the demonic elements in food like E numbers and possible GM foods. If I’m not certain I check but it’s no obsession. There are some definite no go areas and am proudest of convincing the girls that McDonald’s is not for them.

We headed to the shops and the challenge was simple no processed food. It was not easy!
We stocked up on fruit and vegetables our house now resembles a green grocer. For those organic fanatics I’m afraid it wasn’t all organic. I settle for organic if it’s cheaper – that’ll be the cherry tomatoes, cucumber and potatoes. Unless it’s grown in my father’s garden I’m not convinced.

What’s with all the apple choices? Growing up in South Africa it was Granny Smith, Gala and Golden delicious. Quite simply green, red or yellow apples. I’m faced with a choice of Gala (the only choice in my opinion), Braeburn, Pink Lady and so many more. Do we really need all these choices?
I love that the country of origin is always displayed. There is no competition on the shelves for South African grapes, butternut squash, cherries and navel oranges. They win hands down.

It’s been an interesting week to say the least, almost everything has been made from scratch. From my husbands amazing hollandaise sauce to my scrummy oat and fruit bars. We’ve experimented with cauliflower rice and introduced new tastes to our girls.
It’s gone better than we thought and I’ve loved planning meals with the children.


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