Life, Love, and Passports

We shall overcome!

Today was class assembly day for Year 3 and they did the most moving assembly on Martin Luther King. It was great to see 7 and 8 year olds speaking with such conviction. Did they realise how fortunate they were to have the social freedoms that people in Alabama were denied? They sang Michael Jacksons ‘Black and White’ with gusto and believed that it didn’t matter what colour you were. Such innocence, such belief, such hope and with sheer abandonment too.

As MLKs birthday approaches many will reflect on and recite his historic speech. It will mean everything to some and absolutely nothing to others. Every generation needs somebody who’ll take the bull by the horns and instil a sense of belief about the possibility of achieving the impossible. A massive shout out to all who took the challenge and those who continue to take the challenge. We owe them so much. Fighting tirelessly for our freedoms – political, social, religious and even education.

I sat in that assembly and couldn’t help but think of South Africa. We’ve come so far as a nation and we’ve got far to go. It’s not perfect but it is home. The struggle continues at home and abroad. I’m proud to be a South African and though I’m thousands of miles from home I’m as patriotic as I could ever be.
I too have a dream for my children and my children’s children. I know that nothing is impossible and we’re working to keep the dream alive!

We shall overcome.


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