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A walk on the wild side

The English premier league is now in full swing. If you’re not into football then I have no words of comfort for you.
I’ve been an Arsenal supporter for the longest time well since I laid eyes on a certain Nicolas Anelka who may I add is currently signed to his 11th club. Serious commitment issues. I’ve long lamented about the lack of achievement from the Gunners and have been seriously considering walking away. I can’t help but feel that the time is now before I start feeling guilty. They kicked the season off a week ago with a loss and perhaps that is a sign. If they should manage to do well this season I’ll have to live with my decision.

Step in Aston Villa a team who didn’t do too splendidly in the league last season but at least they’re capable of possibly achieving more this time around and they happen to be a local team. The last time I backed a local team they didn’t survive the premier league. I really hope that this will not be the case this time around. Arsenal football club will always have a special place in my sporting heart but the love has grown cold.

Today I made my second trip to Villa park, my first was to watch Bon Jovi. Aston Villa took on the might of Liverpool and fell short but it was a good contest. The fans were amazing and their cheering and enthusiasm wasn’t just palpable but contagious as well. I honestly felt that they cared for their team and wanted nothing more than for them to do well.

Football may be just a game to you and I but to the avid supporter it is a way of life. I do enjoy watching a good game of football and perhaps the time is coming for me to just appreciate it on a wider scale. Whatever happens…happens. Up the Villa I say for now!


Thorn in my side

Today was one of those days that I decided to give the football team I claim to support half a chance by actually sitting down to watch them play. So there I was just short of donning the home colours of Arsenal football club when Adebayor who used to be part of our fold scored for his team. Oh man that really hurt and I could tell he felt like an absolute hero.

The problem with my team and I’ve long held this view is that they struggle to perform when things start wrong. I’m so glad today was not one of those days. Moments later Adebayor went from hero to zero by being sent off. Having been a top performer in the Arsenal jersey it looked like a weight had been lifted from the players who began to play like a team possessed.

Truth is I am a fickle fan and if the game had gone differently I might have found other ways to use my time. The smile on Arsene Wenger’s face and his unbridled enthusiasm was a change from his glum appearance.

Final score Arsenal 5- Tottenham 2. Another successful North London Derby and hopefully only positivity and success will follow from here! Come on Aresnal you’ve put us through enough the time has come to show your prowess!

Why Arsenal football club needs to wake up!

This morning Arsenal fans woke up still reeling from their latest sale that of the super talented Robin van Persie (now referred to as Mr.Pursestrings). The buyers woke up with a totally different view. Manchester United now see themselves a step closer to winning more silverware and to accomplish that they’ll do whatever it takes. I do not wish to be van Persie when he arrives at the Emirates playing for the opposition who also happen to be fiercest rivals.

I woke up this morning and tried to see things from the player’s side. If football is now regarded as a profession then shouldn’t players have the right to go where their needs are met. The success of a footballer is determined by the silverware they have. So far Arsenal have not delivered and I think it’s unfair to start hating a player just because he has made a professional decision and yes those decisions always involve money just ask any professional. You don’t hang around your job just because you like your office.

Now as far as the management of Arsenal go I think they seriously need to reconsider what their function is in the premier league. I’ve long-held the view that Mr.Wenger has failed to evolve with the modern game and he and management somehow want to be applauded for not spending like other clubs. Wake up Arsenal! This is not an academy it is a top league and the time has come to start competing. Unless these changes start taking place Arsenal will soon find themselves just fighting to stay in the league.

I propose that Arsene Wenger gets given his marching orders. While he is not in charge of the purse I don’t think I can put myself through another season of watching his downcast defeated self, shaking his head incessantly on the line. His post match interviews are absolute drivel and do not inspire. As a Gunners fan of many years I feel the light slowly fading and I’m not prepared for a season of excuses.

Fickle fan or steadfast supporter

I’ve been a fan of the beautiful game of football from as far back as I can remember. In a previous post I wrote about how I came to be an Arsenal supporter well the truth is I’m really just one of a large group of fans. You see I think that supporters shout about their team whether they’re up or down. They make every effort to watch their games and if an opportunity to watch them live arose they would not even consider the cost. Supporters are like family and stick around for life.

Now fans on the other hand tend to be less loyal when it comes to the welfare of their team. Verbal when there’s a victory absent during losses. Fans also find it very hard to see the bright side when confronted with dark days. I’ve recently started watching Arsenal play again but the disappointment can be so overwhelming that I usually promise never to watch another game. I know I’m so very fickle but that’s the response of a fan!

I have no intentions of becoming a supporter its way too much work. Fan for life!

I don’t like footie-I love it

Have you ever tried to avoid a topic and it feels like the whole world keeps serving it to you on a plate. The last twenty-four hours I have been confronted with Arsenal Football Clubs tear jerking loss to a little known team-I think they call themselves the red devils. I can believe it because they took Arsenal to hell and back!

I first started supporting Arsenal in the mid nineties mainly because I wanted a rival team to my fathers-he supports Liverpool. The reason I chose them was because of  a  good-looking French player named Nicolas Anelka. It’s quite ridiculous in retrospect basing my choice on him. A quick glance at his career and I would’ve been dizzy had I followed him-I’ve lost count of the number of teams his played for. Fortunately for me Arsenal was a worthwhile choice and of course the arrival of Thierry Henry kept me interested.

When we arrived in England my husband and I decided to back a local team. Sadly Birmingham Football Club have since been relegated and I honestly decided to take a break from the beautiful game it’s a decision I’ve had to go back on.

Now as far as Arsenal go I’ll always have a place in my heart for them. Their record is amazing and they remain in the top three best premier league teams since this system was put in place. However, I believe the time has come for the long serving manager to leave the club. I think his fire has died and he has run out of ideas for taking his team forward. He seems clueless about the function of the team. Arsene Wenger seems hell-bent on making the club debt free at the expense of their reputation.

Come on Mr.Wenger it’s time to take us back to the good old glory days or do the honourable thing and take your coat and bag!