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Holding back the years

So a couple of days ago I reached a rather significant milestone in my life by celebrating my 40th birthday! It’s long been said that ‘life begins at 40’ I’m not sure that I’d agree.

Birthdays are a great time for me to assess, evaluate and plan for the year ahead. I had quite a bit of thoughtful reflection with regards to the direction my life will take from this point. I’m smiling at the future because it’s so promising.

I’ve been asked if I feel any different having reached this milestone. Truth is every day is a gift and I try to make the most of it. Some days yield much more success of course.

Life begins the day you’re born and the challenge is to be the best you!


Happy Easter

I love Easter Sunday it is such a day of celebration. Amid the bunnies and eggs the message is simple to those who believe.
Christ the Lord is Risen!

British Pie Week

This week has been the celebration of the pie. I can’t help but wonder why the lowly pie requires seven whole days to be celebrated. I’ve certainly not tasted that amazing piece of pastry that had me clapping my hands and laughing with glee at its awesomeness. When I think of a pie I think of it as emergency on the go food something to fill a gap until you’re able to get to something substantial.

Pie week has been in full force this week with competitions taking place across the country. There are so many tasty looking pies that are being created and I can’t help but feel that the mass production of pies is taking away from the true beauty of carefully crafted pies.

What would this blog be without a pie tale of my own. It seems like a lifetime ago but the memory is as fresh as that pie should’ve been. Our family were on a road trip and stopped in a one horse town to pick up some pies from a corner shop. We ought to have known much better! Once on the road we were handed a pie which was ever so warm on the outside and this is no exaggeration it was frozen on the inside. Sadly at this point we were well on our way and had already travelled a long way from the beautiful kingdom of Swaziland back to South Africa. Let me just add this was before the convenience of the drive through culture.

The experience though quite severe has not stopped me from picking up a trusty pie when on the run. Long live the lowly pie!

Celebrating good times

Life has a funny way of reminding us that we should enjoy each and every day! Sad though that this reminder more often than not follows the death of somebody who for some strange reason we thought would live forever.

My husband celebrated his birthday yesterday and one of the perks of having young children is that they just want to have a party. So we had a wonderful afternoon tea party with cupcakes hardly suitable for a grown man. He loved it and I’ve no doubt they loved it more.

Celebrations are not just for special occasions. Each day that you rise should be an occasion to be celebrated. It seems a weird thing to say but I’m so glad to be alive. I hope you will join me in my celebration of life!