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Dear Snow

I’m sure this letter comes as no surprise but I felt the need to let you know just how I feel about you overstaying your stay and forcing Spring to feel like it has no place here in freezing Britain. While you’re very beautiful, fun to play with and of course make the most magical pictures. I’m afraid you’ve run your course and I’ve no desire to entertain you any longer.

I’m sorry if you feel hurt or confused by my change of heart you see the thing is just like Christmas you belong in December. Easter is a few days away now so I’m sure you can see the severity of the situation because egg hunting in the snow is odd and unnatural.
I know you’re probably thinking that everybody is being mean and inhospitable to you, no doubt it’s not your fault because of global warming and all the other excuses the climatologists are making on your behalf. Without sounding icy and cold hearted I do think it’s time to pack up your snowflakes and go elsewhere.

Snow you know when they say too much of a good thing is no good and there’s a time and place for everything. You’re so guilty of both. While I want to jump to your defence when people are criticising you to no end I just can’t help but agree with them. My intention is not to hurt your fluffy feelings but rather let you know as somebody who’s enjoyed your company that this can’t go on any longer. I look forward to seeing you around Christmas but for now I’m afraid it’s over!


Call me maybe…

So the snow has been falling all day and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Christmassy is more like it though and I’m feeling almost compelled to put up the Christmas tree and perhaps some carol singing. I’ve got to break this train of thought before I have my girls asking for snow time gifts.

Being the social network butterfly that I am I’ve slowly been getting ‘closed school envy’. It seems every school in close proximity to our dear one has announced it’s closure. Though I’ve already decided it will be a snow day for us it will be great if its official.

So please head teacher you have my number so…call me maybe!

Sign of the times

Over the last few days the weather has turned rather nasty for this time of year forcing me to turn the central heating on and prompting me to pack away our summer clothes. Britain isn’t exactly well-known for keeping it together when it comes to the seasons. Funnily enough though the warm, sunny days seem to have vanished and replaced by heavy rain and flood warnings.

While out and about at the mall today a strange thing happened. I was completely confused about what time of year it was. In one store that I visited there were Easter eggs, red balloons, pink balloons, Christmas decorations and plenty of picnic stuff on display I honestly felt like they were playing a sick joke of guess the occasion with me. I took my pick and it’s official I started my Christmas shopping today and I feel awesome. One down and far too many to go.

Looking around at the trees I think they’ve not been given the seasonal memo either. If I was a fully clothe deciduous tree displaying my autumn range of colours I’d be mad at the rain for cheating me out of a chance to let my gold, yellow and red leaves glisten in the sunlight. I guess they’re all dying to be evergreen trees right about now.

It’s truly been four seasons in a day for me and I’m not quite sure if I should end the day by having an Easter egg hunt, putting up the Christmas tree or sending a message to my valentine. I haven’t made up my mind much like the weather maybe now is the time to do things my way!

Fun and sunshine

So we’ve been enjoying the most wonderful spell of sunshine and it’s been rather refreshing. After spending a few winters here in the uk the one consolation is that the sun will reappear.

The winter feels a bit like going through difficulties and waiting for some respite from that problem. It’s so reassuring to know that winter and troubles don’t last forever! So at the moment the world just seems right in fact it feels like Christmas to me. All I want to do is eat, drink and be merry preferably outside.

So if the dreaded winter and his frosty relatives are visiting in your corner of the world take heart summer will eventually arrive. As for me I’m gonna make the most of the awesome weather because in true British fashion the sun will soon be evacuated.
Cheers to the toasty sunshine!

Dear Santa

I guess Santa feels pretty special at this time of the year. I am at the point now where I feel the need to break it to my girls that he doesn’t exist. The list changes everyday and telling them the truth would save a lot of heartache. For some strange reason I suspect that my six-year-old knows the truth but is exploiting this myth.  I’d like to teach them from a young age that it’s not the season of selfish requests but a time to share and show love.

It’s the final countdown to Christmas day and the excitement is tangible. Christmas carols are in overdrive in our house and even in the car. I’m going to savour every moment so I don’t regret not getting into the spirit of the season. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

Green with envy

Now I know it’s not very nice but I have been feeling extremely jealous of all my friends here in Birmingham who are travelling back to South Africa to spend Christmas with their families. I recently had the time of my life when all of my family came over to England during the summer. Somehow five months ago seems like another lifetime right about now.
I had started to feel a bit sorry for myself but I’ve decided to be adult about it. So I’m now looking forward to an English Christmas without a single member from my family joining us. I guess now is as good a time for us to firmly develop a tradition of our own together with our girls.

If you’re fortunate enough to be spending this festive season with extended family do enjoy because next time around may be very different!

Santa Claus is coming to town

This morning my six-year-old asked me if Santa was for real? Quite honestly I thought she knew the truth. I then very cleverly avoided the conversation. My family has never really kept it a secret and if you let your kids know from the get go at least you can steer their Christmas wishes towards reality. On the other hand if you pretend Santa exists you get to blame him and his head elf for non delivery!

Now I’ve been particularly good this year and I hope my Santa aka “the husband” will take that into account when placing my gift under the tree. I love this time of year and will be kicking off the Christmas carols from tomorrow. You better be good ’cause Santa Claus is coming to town.

Jingle bells

I absolutely love this time of the year. It is now exactly one month to Christmas day. I’ve tried to get a head start on my girls gifts and so far so good. I even managed to get their dresses sorted. They are a fantastic age to appreciate the festive season.

The city’s Christmas lights were switched on a fortnight ago and the streets look magical. Everywhere you go there are reminders of this special season. In addition to all of these festive reminders Birmingham also happens to have the largest Christmas German market after Berlin!

My tree is still tucked away in a box and I can’t wait to set it up. My husband has forbidden me from putting it up before December. ‘Tis the season to be jolly and I’m loving it!