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Lunch hour oddities

While out and about at the mall today my husband and I stopped for some coffee (decaf of course!) and a sandwich. The coffee shop was really busy and people were practically scrambling for chairs or just watching others with hawk eyes in anticipation of inheriting their table.

Fortunately I was one of the lucky ones who just stumbled upon a nice clean table for four! That right there was the problem because I barely got comfortable and this elderly gentleman approached me to ask if the seat was taken. I looked around at the three empty seats and answered really slowly and he sat down right next to me after a rather delayed NO!

What happened next really should’ve been captured on camera. My husband who was at the counter turned around to see me sitting shoulder to shoulder with a complete stranger and his facial expressions had me laughing hysterically. At that moment another table became available and he was a few nods short of nodding his head off in an attempt to get me to move.

Finally we had our own little place where we could share our plans and strategise for the rest of the day. I can’t help but feel that we may have missed an opportunity to make some new friends.


Decaf please!

Sadder words have never been spoken in a coffee shop. I must confess when I’d hear people utter this ridiculous request I’d shake my head in disbelief. Honestly you walk into a coffee shop and your choice is coffee with very little of the poison that makes it worth defiling your body for. At that point I want to suggest that perhaps hot chocolate would make the most sense.
Oh, how quickly my world has changed.

I walked into a coffee shop Costa coffee to be precise because I’ve got a private boycott against Starbucks who’ve been dodging taxes here in the Uk but that is a blog for another day!
I walked up to the counter and could barely bring myself to utter the dreaded request “decaf please”. You see it’s been almost three weeks now that I had to make the very difficult decision to stop drinking fully leaded coffee. Now I’m not certain if it’s purely psychological but I feel much better since reducing my caffeine intake.

The withdrawal symptoms have completely subsided and I was feeling slightly foolish in the beginning for acting like I’d survived something fatal. Being out and drinking coffee is a integral part of my life. So yes I’m really grateful that decaf is an option. To all the hardcore coffee drinkers think of me when you put that beautiful poison to your mouth!

These are a few of my favourite things

I spent a good part of my morning working on a rather thought-provoking article. Honestly I’m not a serious person (some may disagree) so I found the article rather draining. After all blogging should be relaxing (I think!) It’s way past midday and seeing as it is actually lunch time (or dinner time here in good ol England) my girls who are on their Easter break may just get to have a piece of chocolate cake or even a chocolate egg as their meal  just because I can and they will love it.

While I’m in this sharing mood perhaps I’ll let you in on some of my life secrets that make my existence great. I love coffee – good coffee though. None of this hyper diluted stuff (aka Frisco in South Africa) or caffeine free (why bother I say). I was never really a real coffee drinker until I started dating my husband (well we actually started dating as singles!) So I’ve been drinking poison (that’s what my dad calls good coffee) for a rather long time now. Seriously thinking of getting a job at Starbucks just to sniff the air.

Now there are a few random things that make my life wonderful. You know when you get a prescription from your doctor and they tell you it’s okay to ask  the pharmacist for a generic or more accurately a cheaper version. That’s about as far as I’m willing to go with substitutes. If I’ve consumed versions of something I’ve definitely been a victim of scandalous trickery. As a meat eater I will not eat soya I absolutely refuse to. I’m really glad that I have that choice

I did mention it was a rambling post. Just to mention a few more of my preferences (which of course are not life threatening issues) though I’ll be hasty to say I would definitely refuse a blood transfusion. Note to self : Get a living will!

My got to haves:

1.  A decent toothbrush – oral b medium

2. Full cream/fat milk – no watered down versions

3. Fully leaded fizzy drinks – no lite option

4. A physical book because cuddling with anything other than bound  up paper is wrong.

5. Fresh sushi because in my opinion there is no such thing as fresh frozen sushi…argh.

Okay I’m done. I can’t wait to hear what bothers you that is not life threatening but enhancing. Have a picky afternoon because you can.

Mall rats

Today I visited the mall as I usually do. While I enjoy shopping on the high street I absolutely love the malls. I consider myself to be a city girl even though I grew up in a place called “sleepy hollow”.

Every spare moment I get I hope on down to the mall. Even though I’m not a seasoned shopper I really enjoy trawling the mall! Whenever I cruise around it reminds me of the home I left behind. The only difference is that I don’t ever bump into old friends.

The awesome coffee shops make the trip well worth it!