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To yourself be true

I’ve just watched a seriously disturbing documentary about people who fake who they are on social networking sites. I started out watching Catfish being filled with hope with the possibility of young love blossoming and as the story unfolded I found myself wanting retribution for the wrongdoers. I don’t want to give too much away but in the end I found myself shedding a tear for all the lonely people who feel unloved and are looking for acceptance and think the only way to be accepted is to fabricate the ins and outs of their lives.

As we go along lives path we meet many types of people but the one thing we all have in common is our deep need to be loved and accepted. Social networks have become a place where people put themselves on display and I’ve learnt to take many things with a pinch of salt. Popularity is now defined by the number of contacts and friends you have and strangely enough people are still lonely.

While I do enjoy using social networks I cannot let them define me. The idea of these networks is to make them a part of your life not your life. If there was one thing I could change about social networking is this billboard mentality people have when it comes to their personal lives. There’s a time and place for everything and social spaces are not the arena to showcase ones issues.

I enjoy sharing aspects of my life but I’ve decided where to draw my line in the sand. I don’t consider myself secretive but rather cautious because once your business is out there it is officially everybody’s business. Such a fine balance to expect no lies and still monitor truth!


Picking up the pieces

Just in case you don’t know this by now I am a documentary fan. I particularly enjoy the ones that tell stories of courage and achieving against all odds!

Last night I watched an account of a young girl who sustained 90% burns after the room she was sleeping in went up in flames when her mother left a cigarette burning a hole on the bedside table. Terri was just 22 months old at the time of the incident. Having worked in a hospital I’ve seen some horrendous burns and you feel quite helpless when you hear the moans and groans of pain and discomfort.

It was against all odds that Terri who is now 15 years old fought just to survive. Her mother couldn’t handle the guilt of what had happened to her precious little daughter and parted ways with her family. Fortunately for Terri she had a dad who was willing to do all he could to give her the best life possible. He left his job to be with her every step of the way. The bond they share is just so amazing and his daughter can’t stop heaping praise on him.

Ironically we’ve just had fathers day and I read many negative statements about dads who just go on their way without any concern for the welfare of their children. We seem to forget there are also single fathers raising their kids and doing an exceptional job. Fathers like Terri’s dad who take on a nurturing role and excel against the odds.

Breaking into Britain

Wow what a sad documentary, people risking limb and life to get into Europe. It’s really a shame that people who want to improve their lives and the lives of their children get exploited and mistreated by people who pretend they can offer help.

As a mother of a very young family it was really heartbreaking to see families sleeping on the streets in Greece. Those are lengths that parents will go to just to give their kids a better life.

I do think that authorities should protect their borders but the way that people are dehumanized is quite depressing. Of course there is the issue of  people abusing the system and fibbing their way into an asylum or refugee status.

So tonight as I lay my head on my pillow I will definitely spare a thought for people desperate for a chance at  freedom and peace!