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Bank holiday fun

Since arriving in Britain I don’t seem to recall a bank holiday weekend that lived up to the hype. Today I woke up to glorious sunshine as it should be on a bank holiday and my motivation and zest for life was at its optimum. After a few household chores (because some things never change) I got the girls into the car along with scooters, a buggy complete with doll and water bottles. We arrived at the park and I realised I obviously wasn’t the only one impressed with the promise of a beautiful day and the buzz was contagious. Parents with children, dog walkers, action on the tennis courts, crazy golf, cyclists and so much more activity. I wished I could bottle that moment as a reminder that seasons just have to change. After the compulsory ice cream from a vendor we were on our way. On my way to the exit I was glad for the early start because the crowd had swelled.

My daughters were in high spirits and just wanted to be out and about knowing all too well that there are no guarantees of heart warming sunshine tomorrow. An afternoon at the zoo was just what we needed and once again we weren’t the only ones who had this idea. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a zoo that full of people. Sadly, I think most of the animals were taken by surprise with the unusual hot and sticky weather and all seemed to be exhausted. We strolled around and enjoyed the sights.

I’m winding down for the night and I’m taken aback by how the sun can make me feel so alive after an extended winter with far too much snow. It’s time to forget the way it was and enjoy the way it is. There is so much to be learned from the seasons. Dark days don’t last forever they just can’t. Here’s to a change a much needed one!


Curtain call

Today marks the beginning of the first full school week. Monday’s always seem to arrive sooner than any other day of the week particularly after a busy weekend. I’m glad to report I survived Monday after taking it head on.

This weekend also signalled the end of the London summer games. All across Britain its citizens have been declaring how proud they are to be British. I guess you can’t deny the team’s success both in the Olympic and Paralympic games.
I have also been very proudly South African because while we didn’t win bags of medals we gave our very best and I have been overcome with a weird sense of patriotism.

So after a summer of lazing around and cheering my countrymen on, the fun and games have ended. While it is only September it feels like the beginning of something new. I love new beginnings!

Wet, Wet, Wet

What can I say? Rain is all around us and so the misery grows! It’s hard to believe that a hosepipe ban was in place not so long ago here in the Uk. Kudos to the English who somehow manage to cope with the downpour. The massive turnout at the Thames river for the Queen’s flotilla is testimony of their resilience.

Today my daughters had their sports day called off after a major downpour an hour before they were due to start. While I’m aware that we can’t just expect sunshine day in and day out. One day of sunshine a week is just ludicrous and quite frankly it is starting to wear me down. I bet even the farmers are complaining right about now because honestly nobody needs this much rain…ever!

As the day draws to a close I live in hope that I’ll be woken by blinding sunlight as opposed to being lulled into a false sense of security about the time to wake just because it still appears to be the middle of the night.
Hello summer! If it’s not too much to ask could you perhaps show up this year. Enough of your sulking already!

England v France

Today England take on the French at the Euro 2012 competition. I would not want to be a player in the English football team. So much is expected from a team who rarely delivers anything at all. With a new coach leading the team at least it provides another option in terms of a scapegoat when things go wrong and I suspect it will go wrong against a well oiled French machine.

So across the country today there are people who are extremely hopeful and others resigning themselves to the fact that their team isn’t as outstanding as the rest of the world are led to believe. It’s time to realise that the talent in the English premier league are not really English at all.

After their disastrous display in south Africa for the 2010 world cup the team have lots of impressing to do. There are just a few hours to go now before kick off and already tales about the extreme temperature being a problem are surfacing. I say “man up England” after all every team is taking it in their stride.

I guess there’s nothing more to be said now except to wait and see. Perhaps it’s a case of reversed psychology on England’s part to lull the French into a false superiority. I suspect it will take a lot more than mind games.

It’s showtime!

These are a few of my favourite things

I spent a good part of my morning working on a rather thought-provoking article. Honestly I’m not a serious person (some may disagree) so I found the article rather draining. After all blogging should be relaxing (I think!) It’s way past midday and seeing as it is actually lunch time (or dinner time here in good ol England) my girls who are on their Easter break may just get to have a piece of chocolate cake or even a chocolate egg as their meal  just because I can and they will love it.

While I’m in this sharing mood perhaps I’ll let you in on some of my life secrets that make my existence great. I love coffee – good coffee though. None of this hyper diluted stuff (aka Frisco in South Africa) or caffeine free (why bother I say). I was never really a real coffee drinker until I started dating my husband (well we actually started dating as singles!) So I’ve been drinking poison (that’s what my dad calls good coffee) for a rather long time now. Seriously thinking of getting a job at Starbucks just to sniff the air.

Now there are a few random things that make my life wonderful. You know when you get a prescription from your doctor and they tell you it’s okay to ask  the pharmacist for a generic or more accurately a cheaper version. That’s about as far as I’m willing to go with substitutes. If I’ve consumed versions of something I’ve definitely been a victim of scandalous trickery. As a meat eater I will not eat soya I absolutely refuse to. I’m really glad that I have that choice

I did mention it was a rambling post. Just to mention a few more of my preferences (which of course are not life threatening issues) though I’ll be hasty to say I would definitely refuse a blood transfusion. Note to self : Get a living will!

My got to haves:

1.  A decent toothbrush – oral b medium

2. Full cream/fat milk – no watered down versions

3. Fully leaded fizzy drinks – no lite option

4. A physical book because cuddling with anything other than bound  up paper is wrong.

5. Fresh sushi because in my opinion there is no such thing as fresh frozen sushi…argh.

Okay I’m done. I can’t wait to hear what bothers you that is not life threatening but enhancing. Have a picky afternoon because you can.

Time is ticking away

Where did the time go? I’m really tough on myself when it comes to routine. So it’s hard to believe that I got so busy with life that I failed to realize that the days were moving on. I’m back!
December in England is traditionally pantomime month. So in the past few days we’ve filmed scenes with a playgroup, watched local youth groups performance and my six-year-old has taken part in her school production. It has been a crazy few days.
Lots of carol singing coming up as well and I am an absolute fan of Christmas carols. A brass band passed our house the other night and I suspect that they thought I was way too happy to see them. They were amazing.
I’m thoroughly enjoying the festive fever and joining my girls in the countdown to Christmas morning. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Family ties

The gift of family is priceless. While I miss my family and friends it always seems to peak on the weekend. Having lived close to my parents and siblings a part of me always felt it would be that way forever. I guess change is inevitable. My husband and I decided to make a change to the general order of our lives and now live what sometimes feels like light years away!

On the other hand I’m so grateful for all of the super amazing people I’ve met since arriving in England. I suspect I shall be here for some time to come. In the meantime I shall cherish the memories of a land far away and continue to make the most of our time here. Living in the here and now – no regrets!

The British obsession with sunshine

For the past few days we’ve been enjoying some unusually warm weather for this time of the year. So in true British fashion the masses were out catching some rays of sun. It always amazes me just how people are transformed during these warm spells they seem to defrost from their stony faces and unfriendly ways. Everybody seems to have something to say albeit that it’s just a repetition of the weather forecast. I must admit I am guilty of falling into this weather trap constantly. It’s rather amusing though whenever the temperature spikes it is almost always measured in fahrenheit!

I love the sunshine there is something about it that makes me feel alive. I find myself wanting to sing, laugh and fall in love all over again. So people all across England are gearing themselves up for a super sunny weekend. I look forward to the next few days being filled with fast food, fizzy drinks and way too much bottled water because this is the British way!


Can’t believe how quickly this day has gone. It’s still Friday in my life and today my dad turned 60.
The family has had the most amazing day celebrating this occasion with him.
My dad is truly one of a kind and deserves all the totally amazing things he is blessed with.

The extended family has travelled to England from South Africa and that in itself is truly monumental. My family and I are really fortunate to have had this time together with them. They leave in about four days I don’t really want to think about it because I’m not ready for that reality.

Family are so amazing and they make everything twice as nice. So as this day finally ends I want to wish the most amazing father all the very best for the future. I have no doubt that his future is very bright and fruitful.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Walking on sunshine

Today my family arrived in the UK. After a few delays and even a border agency strike we were eventually reunited.
So I got to meet my nephews for the very first time today. They were as gorgeous as I expected them to be.

I’m not sure how long it will take for the magnitude of this occasion to sink in.
I feel very overwhelmed tonight and extremely blessed.

I’m looking forward to an amazing time with each of them and sharing the wonderful experiences of my new life!