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The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker!

So after much thought maybe way too much I eventually decided to buy a meat cleaver. I spent a very long time deciding if it would be safe in my kitchen. I kept telling myself how much I really needed it and the truth is I really did need it. After convincing myself that I’m only as good as my tools I took the plunge and bought it. After all if I see myself as chef material the least I can do is get a decent cleaver not just pretty aprons.

The cleaver is now a member of the cutlery staff but I have to admit it gets special treatment. No laying about in the kitchen oh no this piece of fierceness has a special place it goes to when not being used. At the moment I’m in a complicated relationship with the cleaver because while it’s really good at what it does I am afraid of its power. I fear that my cleaver has an appetite for fingers…my fingers. Nothing untoward has happened but I’m almost paralysed with fear when it’s in my hand. I find myself whispering that I can’t be too careful with this beast.

Like all new relationships I guess it will take some time to get to know each other. Learning our strengths and weaknesses to bring out the best in each of us. I now look forward to the day when our relationship will not be based on fear. I just hope my cleaver knows it cannot lord its power over me forever. Cheers to teamwork!


Fads and fancies

This evening my two older daughters decided that they no longer eat cottage pie (mince and mash). They haven’t given me a solid reason apart from the childish response “we just don’t like it anymore” This presents a bit of a problem for me because I’ve adopted a four-day eating plan and the weekend signals the beginning of an eating out frenzy!

I thought back to my childhood and unless you were allergic to a particular type of food you basically ate whatever you were given. As an adult I now have a simple rule unless I’ve tried it once I don’t just refuse. However, there are food memories forever etched in my memory like mealie rice (much like risotto), corned beef and pork pies I have no desire to eat any of them ever again.

So I’ve decided to cut my girls some slack and perhaps they’ll rekindle their taste for one of my signature dishes! Perhaps now is a good time to introduce them to another of my favourite childhood classics macaroni and cheese. All I can do is try and hope for the best!

Soul Food

I spent a good part of my morning searching for a shop the size of a container after I was informed by a fellow African that they stocked South African goods. So I set off to find this paradise  already dreaming of the treasure I’d come home with. Sadly it was not the case it seemed other immigrants beat me to the stockpile. I left there feeling quite cheated and with a miserly bottle of peanut butter and a packet of biscuits. I’m still quite shocked to think that there was nothing available that made me want to blow a hole in my pocket just for a taste of home.

At any rate the promise of a shipment this week has renewed my hope that perhaps something will grab my attention. However if it is not the case I shall continue to go on enjoying all the amazing food that Britain has to offer. The truth is there are just no substitutes for certain tastes from home. My husband tells me I should immerse myself in all that is on offer here instead of trying to exist in both worlds. Perhaps he has a point the last thing my family need is me following a shipment.

I don’t think for a minute that I won’t long for the familiar things of home. I do realise though that I can get by without them.


Today was a spring holiday in the UK. In true British fashion it rained all day. Nevertheless our family rather enjoyed the day snacking and watching way too much telly. I’m certainly looking forward to an amazing summer…after enduring the awful winter all a girl really wants is some super weather. So I guess now we eagerly await the beautiful summer and will most probably be disappointed when the reality of the lack of sunshine dawns on all of us. Got to love the English summer-we live in hope!