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England v France

Today England take on the French at the Euro 2012 competition. I would not want to be a player in the English football team. So much is expected from a team who rarely delivers anything at all. With a new coach leading the team at least it provides another option in terms of a scapegoat when things go wrong and I suspect it will go wrong against a well oiled French machine.

So across the country today there are people who are extremely hopeful and others resigning themselves to the fact that their team isn’t as outstanding as the rest of the world are led to believe. It’s time to realise that the talent in the English premier league are not really English at all.

After their disastrous display in south Africa for the 2010 world cup the team have lots of impressing to do. There are just a few hours to go now before kick off and already tales about the extreme temperature being a problem are surfacing. I say “man up England” after all every team is taking it in their stride.

I guess there’s nothing more to be said now except to wait and see. Perhaps it’s a case of reversed psychology on England’s part to lull the French into a false superiority. I suspect it will take a lot more than mind games.

It’s showtime!


The not so beautiful game!

My dad has always been of the opinion that no player is bigger than the game or even their team. Hopefully Liverpool will look back and realise that when you give power to a player that power can change the dynamic of the game. Sadly today’s match between Liverpool and Manchester United turned out to be a bit of a soap opera from the pre match discussions, the handshake that didn’t happen, the pushing and shoving in the tunnel at half time and finally Patrice Evra’s over the top celebration of his teams three-point haul.

I’ve been watching football for as long as I can remember and I guess there’ll always be personality clashes and bantering. Luis Suarez needs to be given the sportsman manual along with the other rotten apples in the premier league. However it would do any player well to realise that no player is bigger than the game. Just ask David Beckham…

Almost doesn’t count

Today the pride of the Midlands(Carling cup winners) were relegated! Birmingham city football club was the team our family adopted after arriving in the UK.Newly promoted to the premier league at that stage we were very keen to support a local team.Well that hasn’t turned out too well! Two years in the top flight league and down they go,again. So, as it turns out, this inconsistency is just part and parcel of the Blues. The faithful of St.Andrews are left sorely disappointed once again.
Well here’s to the season ahead…I suspect we’ll sit this one out.So long Blues…’til we meet again!