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Forgiveness is hard work yet so rewarding!



Set the prisoners free

I’ve been reading many touching and true quotes about forgiveness and it’s quite frightening to think that some people can lead unhappy lives because they insist on carrying hurt and disappointment.
The worst part is watching people self destruct while the person with whom they have a grievance goes on with their life.

I guess forgiving is not a natural response when you’ve been wronged more often than not revenge seems the only thing that will bring you happiness. I’m not saying people shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions which hurt and offend but I’ve recently realised that people are often ignorant about the effect their sharp words and thoughtless actions have on people and for that reason those intense feelings of hurt and rage should just be put to rest. Trying to get an ignorant person to see the error of their ways is like trying to catch a cloud.

I’ve been hurt by many people in my life and I’m certain that I’ve hurt many too. Forgiveness can be a very complex issue and requires sincerity on the part of both parties. If you’ve been hurt and the person is totally clueless I just don’t see the point of trying to drag an apology out of them for any wrong done. When I’m approached by an individual who informs me that I’ve hurt them in some way whether I recall the incident or not I apologise sincerely because I have no desire to be somebody else’s prisoner nor to make them mine.

I have a personal philosophy it may sound naive but I’ve made up my mind to just let things go. Life has a way of teaching us lessons we only seem to learn when the shoe is on the other foot and all you can hope is that it happens sooner than later so forgive and try to forget!

The joy of letting go

Those who hurt you in the past can’t keep hurting you today without your permission.
Stop rehearsing it – release it!

Love this quote by Rick Warren

Paid my dues

Having been a victim of crime I guess there’s a part of you that wants retribution. Even if that justice doesn’t come through the criminal courts you hope that they’d feel a kick in the pants from life. Sadly I have not seen my perpetrator pay his dues as yet or perhaps he has.

I got thinking about crime and retribution after watching an ex-convict endure a grilling in the newspaper after winning a substantial sum of money-well actually 1 million pounds in a television game of chance. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him after all he did do his time. Perhaps the type of crime has a lot to do with whether or not people will let ghosts of the past rest. I don’t think that people should lie about having a criminal past. However that past should not count against them even after decades have lapsed.

If the courts have set a sentence surely we have to accept that it is the appropriate punishment. Therein lies the problem I suppose we’d all like to meter out our own justice. There are no guarantees in this life so we are obligated to believe that people are rehabilitated and give them the right to lead their lives. After all we all make mistakes!