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Two weeks notice

It just dawned on me that I’ve not blogged for a fortnight and I’m placing the blame squarely on procrastinations shoulders. I’m not sure I have any other excuse but I realise that I’ve missed writing terribly.
Since my holiday to South Africa in December I’ve really struggled to hone my writing skills after that short break. It’s become quite apparent to me now that since I didn’t use it I started to lose it. To be honest I’m quite disappointed with myself but thankfully it’s never too late to pick up and move on.

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy with the arrival of my parents, my brother and his family and some good friends dropping by to remind us what we’ve left behind in South Africa. After a whirlwind visit for just three days they headed back to the land of beautiful oceans, breathtaking mountains and the world famous big five!
My parents will be here for another fortnight and we’ve been fortunate to celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary with them. It’s hard not to think about their time coming to an end because it’s become quite apparent that children don’t just need their parents but that grandparents have a special place in their lives as well.

The summer holiday is now in full swing and I’ve managed to do some baking and even squeeze in some reading and those are still celebrated as achievements to me. I look forward to exercising my writing muscle once again and building a fit mind!


Entertaining angels unaware

Whilst having a conversation with a friend she remarked how the unexpected generosity of a relative stranger had a profound affect on her. Her only regret was that she had not really taken the time to get to know the individual. I guess we can blame that on being preoccupied with the people who we’ve built a rapport with. Truth is it’s hard to imagine that people need assistance when we’re comfortable.

It got me thinking of the opportunities we are often afforded to be an angel to somebody in need. There are many times where a little helping hand could make a world of difference if we’d just take the time out to care not just to people who’ll reward us for our kindness but also the randoms we encounter along the way. After our conversation I’ve decided not to just wait for opportunities to show kindness but to also look for them.

People across the world no matter what the state of their lives could do with an act of kindness. Will you be an angel to somebody in need?

Another mommy milestone!

Last night my daughter Charis had her very first sleepover. I must admit I thought long and hard about sending her to a friend albeit for just a night. She was so excited about getting away from us for a night and I was secretly proud of her boldness.

This morning we woke up to a rather quiet house and it was obvious who creates the buzz around here. She was positively missed. The conversation didn’t move much further than the questions about her return. Finally, she rocked up after lunch and all was as it should be. The bickering and complaints were as steady as rain you’d think they’d missed each other enough to give the rivalry a rest. Not a chance!

As for me I’m glad to have my three girls under one roof and I hope it will be some time before we reach another milestone. The more I travel on this journey of parenthood the more I realise it’s no easy feat. It’s not easy but it is rewarding and the cuddles are the best payment.

Dear Diary

My 7yr old daughter Charis ( though she constantly reminds me she’ll be 8 in about six weeks!). I then remind her that she’ll never be this young and free from responsibility again. With each passing year her responsibility will grow and there’ll be less opportunity to say she didn’t know. She is very wise for her years and we’re constantly butting heads over attitudes and utterances. She has now requested a diary and a promise from me not to snoop. Of course I’ll be snooping that’s what mothers do!

After a discussion about keeping secrets and the difference between good and bad secrets I may just leave her to it. I ask her if there’s anything she needs to know from me. Her response is a nothing really one but then slyly slides in a veiled request for details of my diary. Granted I was almost double her age when I kept one myself I’m left with no choice but to reinvent my diary entries. Truth is I was a sulky teen and no doubt there were numerous entries about annoying teachers, strict parents, selfish friends and perhaps a sighting of an interesting boy specimen to brighten an otherwise sour life.

She’s really excited to get started and I’m worried what I may find. Though I’m hoping the daily record keeping will improve her already creative writing skills. I’m really trying to see the positive side. I shall try my best not to snoop too much!

Family matters

For the most part I just get on with my life here in England where I’m blessed to have found some wonderful friends. Though it’s at times like this long Easter weekend that I miss my South African family the most. I miss hanging around at my parents home doing absolutely nothing in particular.

Family are an amazing gift and I’m thankful for the one I have. Having people to turn to in times of triumph and trouble is an amazing reassurance. Keeping up to date with everything that goes on in my absence makes me grateful for modern technology because relying on a telegram would make living abroad unbearable.

Sometimes in life there are some difficult choices to make and we’ve made one that has us miles away from our loved ones. Our decision has much to do with our future and that of our daughters. I don’t plan to be here forever and I realise now that the longer I stay the harder it will be to leave. Who would’ve thought that the circle of life would be so difficult?

The love of a family is a blessing. I’m blessed to belong to a family who cares about our well-being.

International Women’s Day

Women the world over were celebrated today. My day went by in the usual kind of way mainly involving seeing to my children. Just when I was thinking that my day was pretty mundane I spared a thought for many women who don’t enjoy the freedom that I enjoy daily.

Many questions were being asked about who we look up to as role models and what the future holds. There are many who were honoured today both past and present for the liberties we enjoy. My gift to all those courageous women is to be the best I can be with what I have and by helping other women reach their potential. It’s been said that women are their own worst enemies and by celebrating each others achievements and assisting through difficult times we become stronger.

Of all the things I have I’m most grateful for my education and honest friends who steer me in the right direction. My dream on this special day is access to education, social freedom and the right to choose a path in life of their choice with no oppression. It seems impossible but it is my dream!

If you know a phenomenal woman let her know that you’re inspired by her.

Final curtain call

2012 is just about done and dusted! It has been a fantastic year with all of the victories and challenges. It’s been a journey of change and I’m so thankful to all the amazing people in my life. My family have been super and supportive. I’m grateful for old friends and new friends. Friends are a wonderful gift and if you have amazing friends let them know.

The new year is looming and there’s always the temptation to make promises for the days ahead. I’m not a new year resolution type of person but my personal goal as I go forward is to read way more than I have this past year. I love the idea of new beginnings and there can be no better beginning like the start of a new year.

However you choose to see in 2013 my hope is that it will be your best year ever. Life will always present us with challenges and here’s to rising to those challenges!

Happy new year!

Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

This morning I woke up in my own bed after three weeks in South Africa. I found myself breathing in stifled air from the central heating and as I peered out my window from the safety of my bed I couldn’t help but feel utterly let down by the great British weather. Really Britain not even a ray of sun to show the night has ended!

The view has long being held that time flies when you’re having fun. Having waited a year to take this break felt like a lifetime but the minute I set foot in the country I love and missed so terribly time seem to be on a mission to outrun me. In some ways it did show it’s power and each sleep meant seconds, minutes and precious hours were lost. It should be a criminal offence to sleep when on holiday.

It’s back to reality now and I will cherish all the special moments and memories made seeing old friends and making new ones. My family were so amazing and the fun and feasting just didn’t stop. There were so many more people I wish I could’ve seen and places I should’ve visited. So when I say I ran out of time it’s not just a get out of jail free card it really is a fact. I didn’t stand a chance against the sands of time.

If you’re on holiday why don’t you make the most of your time because you lose it whether you use it or not!

Memories of home

Today was a really good day because I got to spend some time with a friend who was visiting from South Africa. She visited with her young daughter and my girls were thrilled to have a visitor from ‘home’. Sadly though for every high there seems to be an inevitable low. That low was the trip to the train station to say our goodbyes.

It’s been nearly two years now that I’ve not been to South Africa but it has been great to never go more than six months without having some kind of contact with people from my corner of the world. Our day was filled with laughter as it should be and I’m very grateful for all these wonderful times of refreshing.
Now for the next six months I’ll hold onto those warm hugs until the next time!

Here comes trouble

Funny how our parents always warned us about choosing friends wisely particularly during adolescence. My mother always said choose friends who have a vision for their future and are not just caught up in the moment. I must admit it was a tough to imagine that anything else mattered than being popular. So some thirty years later I can see what she meant. Popularity can only get you so far but planning for your future is always going to benefit you.

Sadly for some people the need to be popular and centre of attention never grows old. There is nothing worse than an adolescent attention seeking adult. You just want to shout ‘Can you grow up already!’ Of late I’ve been seeing the need to limit my interaction with these kind of individuals because no matter what you say it always ends up being about them. I refuse to be absorbed into somebody else’s little world. My life is way too busy raising my daughters to be caught up with people who have no desire to evolve.

The time has come for me to walk away from troublemakers, bullies and self seeking individuals. It seems choosing friends is a lifelong challenge. Thankfully for the most part I’ve made relatively good decisions. Friendship doesn’t have a recipe for instant success but I’m certain it shouldn’t take a lifetime to develop lasting and rewarding ones. I’m so grateful for all the amazing people in my life!