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Things my father taught me

My father was never a man of many words though these days he tends to make up for lost chat time. Growing up there are things that he insisted on and I swear it was his guidelines to being a perfect gentleman over and above the more common rules. These are a few I remember.

1. A gentleman always has well polished shoes so you can imagine how his world changed when they changed the traditional polish and brush to the modern push and swipe. The effect is just not the same.

2. A gentleman always wears a belt on his trousers to give him the well-groomed effect.

3. A gentleman always carries a fresh hanky irrespective of whether or not he has a cold. He’ll always find a use for it. To this day my dad carries a handkerchief with him daily because it’s the right thing to do.

4. Never wear creased clothes it’s a poor reflection on you. My dad still insists on neatly pressed shirts.

5. Of all my fathers gentlemanly requirements a timely haircut is one of his obsessions. A trip to an old school barber is always on his agenda.

6. Finally, may I just add that my dad is the coolest looking dad. I know it sounds slightly biased but if you knew my dad I have no doubt you’d agree!

* On a personal note I’d like to thank all of you who read my blog I hope you know it means much to me. With the summer break well and truly upon us I’ve decided to take a much-needed break and will blog once a week for the next 8 weeks. So until the next time remember to take the sunshine wherever you go!


Out with the old…in with the new

So today I walked into a hair salon and my instruction was simple. I needed my hair cut really short and I also needed to have no regrets in the morning. Obviously the morning hasn’t arrived as yet but for some unknown reason I am already filled with regret and dread. Now anybody who really knows me knows that I love to cut corners when it comes to my morning prep. Right now the options are all but gone. I’ll now be required to set aside hair styling time and that does not suit my clock chasing lifestyle!

The long and short of my story is that radical change does not come without its discomforts. On the other hand in a strange way I look forward to embracing my new adventure. Hair raising I’d say!

Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

My two-year old Gabrielle Justine decided it was time to give herself a haircut. Having been through the hair cutting phase with my other two daughters I was shocked but not completely surprised. When I questioned her about the incident she had no excuse and seemed happy with the results.

I’ve now had time to inspect the damage and I’m now seriously considering having her hair cut professionally so she doesn’t have this neglected look about her. Needless to say she is protesting the decision alas the morning will tell!