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Ambassador of justice

I’m always so encouraged by people who find a cause to support and do it with such commitment. I know a few of those people raising awareness about cancer, mental illness, childhood diseases and animal projects. The list is endless.

Recently I spoke to a young lady who lamented about the lack of interest of people when it comes to lending a helping hand. I understand how frustrating it is when you’re passionate about something and you’re met with what seems like disinterest. The truth is there are many paths to take and it can be quite bewildering choosing one but it certainly doesn’t exclude the ability to assist where you can. After all we can all help in some way.

I’m passionate about seeing the end to modern day slavery. While it appears to be impossible I’ve no doubt it can be done. What’s your interest? How can you help those who are in distress? There’s always something we can do and there is always somebody less fortunate. Will you lend a hand of hope?


Happy anniversary to us

It’s been exactly two years since I registered on the WordPress site. I didn’t start blogging immediately and spent time agonising over what to call my blog and deciding what direction to go. Finally I decided to just do what I know best and that’s to give commentary on issues that interest me. Along the way I’ve developed an interest in issues such as human trafficking, missing persons and food banks.

Blogging has been a wonderful journey so far. I love sharing different aspects of my life and it’s always so rewarding when people identify with what I write. It just reassures me that I’m not alone. So to all of you who take the time to read, comment and subscribe I am so grateful.

I’ve had days where ideas flow like rivers and times when I write, save to draft and then delete. Of course finding ways to share my opinions without being overbearing is just as challenging. So far I think I’ve managed to strike a balance.

Once again thank you from my heart. I look forward to sharing many more stories, experiences and life changing events!

Anti Slavery Day

It’s estimated that there are about 27million people in slavery. That is a staggering statistic and each number represents people being held against their men, woman and children. Human trafficking has become a very lucrative evil with people being bought and sold like cattle at a auction. People are being tortured, misused and abused. No doubt there are long term psychological effects for those who are lucky enough to be rescued.

Today is a day to highlight the plight of those being misled and tricked into activities they would’ve never chosen for themselves. Across the world people are taken against their will and forced into labour, domestic servitude, forced marriage, forced begging, sexual exploitation or removal of organs. The United Nations is leading the fight to end human trafficking in our lifetime.

The numbers are daunting but we can all get involved by reporting suspicious behaviour and activities to local police. Education is key and once we become aware of the tricks of the trade we can help to alleviate modern-day slavery one person at a time. Nobody should be bought or sold!

There are some awesome organisations working to get the message out about human trafficking. Shout out to Stop the traffik, A21 campaign, Hope for justice and many more. Get involved wherever you are!

Longing for freedom

It’s been quite a while now that I’ve been very interested in the dynamics of human trafficking. After attending an information evening and being exposed to the vastness of this evil I must admit I was very overwhelmed.
I heard a mom share from experience what had happened to her daughter but her message was simple – evil cannot be allowed to triumph!

There was so much to think about and I kept reminding myself that I don’t have to do everything I just have to something. Humans were never intended for sale but sadly the few statistics show just what a high price this trade is and not just monetary value. The effects are deep. The key word to me is freedom and it is a basic human right to have freedom to choose how you live your life.

I take my hat off to the many people and agencies who fight tirelessly to bring freedom to the oppressed. Whoever you are, wherever you are we can join in this fight for freedom for men, women and children. Will you join the fight?