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Who you gonna call?

I really wish the answer was as simple as Ghostbusters but sadly my house is being overrun by laundry. I’m still trying to figure out where all these clothes come from. Granted I have three young daughters who seem to think that their mission in life is to go through as many items as possible. At times like these I really regret falling prey to all the beautiful clothes which they often don’t need – not that much anyway!

Since returning from South Africa I’ve found myself swamped with laundry and there seems to be a serious lack of space for stuff resulting in almost half of our travel items having no room to lay their cotton heads. Every morning that I wake it appears that I’ve just arrived from a year-long holiday.

Today I decided to take a break from all things laundry because quite frankly I don’t think anybody has ever looked back on their life and wished they’d spent more time doing laundry. Please tell me this is not so. While I enjoy ironing way more than I probably should even I know when enough is enough.

I’m no neat freak but the despair is growing and I’m smiling to myself now thinking what an issue it’s become. I’ve just had a lazy brain wave and its official the laundry shall be packed away creased until its day of display arrives. Eat that laundry basket!


Domestic goddess

Now I’m no Martha Stewart or Nigella Lawson so I guess I can be forgiven for not always feeling like puffing cushions or preparing a meal fit for a king.
Today I stood ironing what felt like a truckload of laundry just a by-product of having three young princesses. I started wondering what would happen if I just let them wear their clothes creased because I’ve no doubt it would free up lots of time for me.

Domestic goddess or not these time-consuming duties like dishes, laundry and my old friend cooking are not going anywhere in my lifetime so I might as well get a grip and find a way to live in harmony with them.

So my journey to freedom from domestic chores shall continue although somehow I doubt I shall ever be free of this domestic yoke!

A walk down memory lane

I love looking at photos with my daughters especially the ones of the three of them before they turned a year! It is so amusing when they quarrel about who is in the photo and I have to step in to help with identification. They are all very photogenic and I have no doubt that they get it from their dad.

I’m not a fan of having my photo taken and am always extremely critical of the end result. It’s been said that practice makes perfect but I have no desire to practice. I love looking at friends pictures on social networking sites and it is a very telling exercise. Some care too much and some don’t care at all. I’m always telling my husband to refrain from posting pictures with loads of laundry and unwashed dishes in the background. I always find myself looking around the picture before actually looking at the picture. Thinking about it now just sounds so weird.

Note to self: A little practice might just help with my photo presentation!