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A walk on the wild side

The English premier league is now in full swing. If you’re not into football then I have no words of comfort for you.
I’ve been an Arsenal supporter for the longest time well since I laid eyes on a certain Nicolas Anelka who may I add is currently signed to his 11th club. Serious commitment issues. I’ve long lamented about the lack of achievement from the Gunners and have been seriously considering walking away. I can’t help but feel that the time is now before I start feeling guilty. They kicked the season off a week ago with a loss and perhaps that is a sign. If they should manage to do well this season I’ll have to live with my decision.

Step in Aston Villa a team who didn’t do too splendidly in the league last season but at least they’re capable of possibly achieving more this time around and they happen to be a local team. The last time I backed a local team they didn’t survive the premier league. I really hope that this will not be the case this time around. Arsenal football club will always have a special place in my sporting heart but the love has grown cold.

Today I made my second trip to Villa park, my first was to watch Bon Jovi. Aston Villa took on the might of Liverpool and fell short but it was a good contest. The fans were amazing and their cheering and enthusiasm wasn’t just palpable but contagious as well. I honestly felt that they cared for their team and wanted nothing more than for them to do well.

Football may be just a game to you and I but to the avid supporter it is a way of life. I do enjoy watching a good game of football and perhaps the time is coming for me to just appreciate it on a wider scale. Whatever happens…happens. Up the Villa I say for now!


Merseyside derby…This means war!

You would be mistaken for thinking it was wartime in Merseyside. All the tactical preparation, talk of victory and bringing back the glory. It is in fact a Merseyside derby on a grand scale. Sadly the team who gets defeated will have to make the long trip back from Wembley this time around. Defeat is not an option.

I love the build up to a big game in this case a battle for a place in the FA cup final. Punters giving the odds, supporters singing their teams praises and going back to the archives just to prove how amazing and capable they truly are. Pre match is such a leveller because anything is possible until the final whistle blows.

Liverpool and Everton fans around the country and abroad will no doubt be gearing up for a goal scoring frenzy. I’ll be watching what will hopefully be a display of skill and very little or no dirty tricks. I have got to remember to keep calm because it unsettles my daughters when I appear to attack the television with frenzied animation.

May the best team win. I secretly hope it’s Liverpool!

The not so beautiful game!

My dad has always been of the opinion that no player is bigger than the game or even their team. Hopefully Liverpool will look back and realise that when you give power to a player that power can change the dynamic of the game. Sadly today’s match between Liverpool and Manchester United turned out to be a bit of a soap opera from the pre match discussions, the handshake that didn’t happen, the pushing and shoving in the tunnel at half time and finally Patrice Evra’s over the top celebration of his teams three-point haul.

I’ve been watching football for as long as I can remember and I guess there’ll always be personality clashes and bantering. Luis Suarez needs to be given the sportsman manual along with the other rotten apples in the premier league. However it would do any player well to realise that no player is bigger than the game. Just ask David Beckham…

I don’t like footie-I love it

Have you ever tried to avoid a topic and it feels like the whole world keeps serving it to you on a plate. The last twenty-four hours I have been confronted with Arsenal Football Clubs tear jerking loss to a little known team-I think they call themselves the red devils. I can believe it because they took Arsenal to hell and back!

I first started supporting Arsenal in the mid nineties mainly because I wanted a rival team to my fathers-he supports Liverpool. The reason I chose them was because of  a  good-looking French player named Nicolas Anelka. It’s quite ridiculous in retrospect basing my choice on him. A quick glance at his career and I would’ve been dizzy had I followed him-I’ve lost count of the number of teams his played for. Fortunately for me Arsenal was a worthwhile choice and of course the arrival of Thierry Henry kept me interested.

When we arrived in England my husband and I decided to back a local team. Sadly Birmingham Football Club have since been relegated and I honestly decided to take a break from the beautiful game it’s a decision I’ve had to go back on.

Now as far as Arsenal go I’ll always have a place in my heart for them. Their record is amazing and they remain in the top three best premier league teams since this system was put in place. However, I believe the time has come for the long serving manager to leave the club. I think his fire has died and he has run out of ideas for taking his team forward. He seems clueless about the function of the team. Arsene Wenger seems hell-bent on making the club debt free at the expense of their reputation.

Come on Mr.Wenger it’s time to take us back to the good old glory days or do the honourable thing and take your coat and bag!