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African queen

I was really excited when I heard that Charlene Wittstock a fellow south African was to marry into the royal house of Monaco. Sadly now just a few days before her £50 million wedding all these scandals are surfacing about her future husband.
If she had to ask me for advice I would honestly tell her to think long and hard about her decision to marry a man with such a shady past.

Then I had to very politely call myself to order. I realised that there are no perfect people of course there are those who would like to think they are.
Now in my life I’ve made many mistakes some are just down to utter stupidity! Still life carries on.

Marriage though is another game altogether and there are no hard and fast rules. You live and learn.
So soon to be princess Charlene of Monaco seems to have overlooked prince Albert’s track record( twice denying paternity!). If she trusts him enough to believe he is innocent of a third allegation. She might just be the kind of woman he needs!

Best wishes African Queen,whatever you decide!