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Having watched two documentaries (From Romania with love and My new hand) which showed how selfless and amazing human beings can be. I’m feeling overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude for individuals who make decisions to adopt children and those who donate organs.

There are many people who do amazing exploits every day by going the extra mile for those in need or who find themselves in difficult situations. The world needs each of us to do what we can to help. For today though I would like to salute these Superhumans!


Courting danger

After putting off watching a documentary about a woman who was savagely attacked by a chimpanzee I finally gave in to my inquisitive side. I’ve mentioned previously that I’m a huge fan of documentaries and particularly those which include reconstructive surgery. It all started out so well and quickly evolved into a sickening account of that fateful day.

I saw pictures of this oversized chimp and couldn’t help but wonder what goes through a persons mind when they try to domesticate animals which should be left to rome in the wild. An animal by its very nature has the instinct to attack and that in itself should be a deterrent. No matter how cute it may seem when you bring a hippopotamus, cheetah or chimp into your house surely there must be some point when you realise that it may not end well.

Sadly it was Charla Nash who was at the end of that horrendous attack and how she survived that is absolutely remarkable. Watching her recovery and undergoing extensive surgery was heartbreaking to say the least. Watching her undergo that full face transplant and both hands being transplanted. Sadly there were complications with the hands and they had to be removed. Through all of this added drama she remained resilient and hopeful.

The work of the surgeons and the rehabilitation team was truly amazing. The unsung heroes for me in this journey to normality are the organ donors who decide to make a difference after their deaths and very often it’s their families willingness to help while dealing with a loss of their own.

I headed to bed pretty upset and my only consolation was that Charla seemed okay considering her awful experience and so grateful for family who make the hardest times bearable.