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Excess luggage

In the last 48 hours or so I’ve spent lots of time trawling the internet with regards to people incarcerated in foreign prisons for attempted drug smuggling.                                                                                                   It’s been a tough week for two South African families. They’ve been through the worst hell anybody could imagine. The first family lost a member following an execution in a Chinese prison by lethal injection. No doubt the family of the second person woke up to the shocking news that their daughter had been arrested for attempting to smuggle drugs into Thailand.

I have had a very unexpected reaction to these two cases. I have no idea what the truth is in both instances but I have no desire to judge them. My heart just breaks when I think of the hell the families now have to live through. I would love to get involved in a supportive role. At this stage I have no doubt that all of these drug mules in foreign prisons now realise the extreme error of their ways.

I will continue my research and keep you all updated!


Paid my dues

Having been a victim of crime I guess there’s a part of you that wants retribution. Even if that justice doesn’t come through the criminal courts you hope that they’d feel a kick in the pants from life. Sadly I have not seen my perpetrator pay his dues as yet or perhaps he has.

I got thinking about crime and retribution after watching an ex-convict endure a grilling in the newspaper after winning a substantial sum of money-well actually 1 million pounds in a television game of chance. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him after all he did do his time. Perhaps the type of crime has a lot to do with whether or not people will let ghosts of the past rest. I don’t think that people should lie about having a criminal past. However that past should not count against them even after decades have lapsed.

If the courts have set a sentence surely we have to accept that it is the appropriate punishment. Therein lies the problem I suppose we’d all like to meter out our own justice. There are no guarantees in this life so we are obligated to believe that people are rehabilitated and give them the right to lead their lives. After all we all make mistakes!

City of madness 2

There is still an air of restlessness over the city. The constant sound of helicopters circling offers no sense of peace. I love living in the city but at times like these I’d much rather be in the countryside. While I haven’t had any contact with or witnessed any of the craziness personally it has had a definite effect on my livelihood! My local gym was closed and our place of worship was barricaded. After a trip to my local supermarket in my lousy attempt to stockpile (I’ve run out of juice already!) it became apparent that the trouble got closer to me than I realised.

Today was mainly a day of politicians and journalists trying to find reasons as to why this frenzy has taken place. Some of the reasons are social inequality, government cuts and lack of discipline to name but a few. I must admit that stealing and destroying people’s property and looting businesses is just plain criminality and there can be no excuse for this atrocious behaviour. Dare I say it was mainly sport, electronic and jewellery stores that were targeted by these mainly young looters.  Why would people destroy their communities in this terrible manner? Probably because they don’t know the value of hard work!

It really sickens me and makes me quite sad that people would act in this barbaric way with no regard for the law. Wayward citizens are now being forced to take responsibility for this anarchy which has reigned for far too long by appearing in local courts and facing what I hope will be harsh sentences. Britain has been under siege long enough can’t wait for our streets to be totally reclaimed!