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Mirror! Mirror!

While out and about doing some shopping which required me to enter the fitting room and may I just say how much I dislike going into those little rooms with mirrors that lie. I know for a fact that they lie because whenever I get home I’m never half as convinced as I was in the store about the way the garments fit. Perhaps it’s the dim lighting and manipulating music that leads to poor decision making. So there I was waiting for my turn to have my garments counted and a far too small cubicle to be allocated when an elderly woman stepped out from behind the curtain to ask for the opinion from the gentleman she was with. I was so impressed by the very detailed feedback he gave to her and realised that was what I needed someone to give me an honest assessment instead of relying on a shady mirror.

My husband is quite helpful when he shops with me now that I’ve coached him on the do’s and don’ts of giving opinions in the fitting room. The first rule is you only get one chance to have a first reaction and though it may sound stupid it is the biggest decider. After building up the courage to emerge from behind the door or curtain and step into a public space the last thing you want is a negative response. Even though the garment may not fit perfectly the fact that you’ve chosen it may suggest that you hoped it was. I always feel really stupid and exposed when I step into the aisle and sheepishly ask “how does it look babe?” It’s at this point that he spills out all the responses I expect to hear from him after taking this massive risk.

Of course being the type of shopper I am I’m never really convinced until I get home and my mirror says I am indeed the fairest of them all!


Who you gonna call?

I really wish the answer was as simple as Ghostbusters but sadly my house is being overrun by laundry. I’m still trying to figure out where all these clothes come from. Granted I have three young daughters who seem to think that their mission in life is to go through as many items as possible. At times like these I really regret falling prey to all the beautiful clothes which they often don’t need – not that much anyway!

Since returning from South Africa I’ve found myself swamped with laundry and there seems to be a serious lack of space for stuff resulting in almost half of our travel items having no room to lay their cotton heads. Every morning that I wake it appears that I’ve just arrived from a year-long holiday.

Today I decided to take a break from all things laundry because quite frankly I don’t think anybody has ever looked back on their life and wished they’d spent more time doing laundry. Please tell me this is not so. While I enjoy ironing way more than I probably should even I know when enough is enough.

I’m no neat freak but the despair is growing and I’m smiling to myself now thinking what an issue it’s become. I’ve just had a lazy brain wave and its official the laundry shall be packed away creased until its day of display arrives. Eat that laundry basket!

Value for money

I don’t mind paying for quality but one thing I cannot stand is being short-changed. I don’t know anybody who is pleased with getting less than expected. Going shopping with my girls and keeping an eye on them is my priority in the supermarket. Though lately I’ve been doing my mega shop without them.

I’ve kind of slipped into the habit of just paying whatever the cashier says and on far too many occasions I do a double-check when I get home and get seriously angry with myself when things don’t add up. At this point I make a note to self that I should pay more attention.

In recent times I was charged for a party load of lager. Sad part is the goods were scanned not despatched otherwise I might have been forced to just down the whole lot. Fortunately I was reimbursed and am glad to report that I didn’t have to convince the staff.

Today was one of those days when I took a leisurely stroll to claim what was rightfully mine and walked away feeling rather pleased with my effort.

Can’t buy me love

Just watched the movie Confessions of a shopaholic. It was very entertaining but I couldn’t identify with that need to buy continuously. I do get really happy though when I find an awesome bargain.

The last few years my shopping has been dominated by buying for my young daughters. It has become a bit of a chore for me these days to go out and shop about for myself. On the other hand there are times when I get myself into gear and the cycle can last a rather long time.

Perhaps I’m too conscientious and should spend more and think less. When I was young and single many, many years ago I guess that would’ve been the ideal time to shop until I dropped and not have to consider the welfare of anyone else.

I don’t know any shopaholic personally but I imagine apart from the financial impact their biggest problem has got to be finding time to wear all their purchases.
Personally I think having the means doesn’t always justify getting the purchase!

Happy shopping.

Food glorious food

Now let me start off by saying I’m not entirely sure if this is a fact or just my imagination.I think after the Americans the English shop for food and booze like there is no tomorrow. Thanks in part I guess because of ridiculous reductions and buy one get one free deals.

I have always loved for as long as I can remember peering into people’s food baskets.I’m not exactly sure why this is so. I am always amazed at the amount of bread some people buy. Surely there is only so much bread one person can need unless of course they do shopping for their neighbourhood!

It has taken me an eternity to figure out some of the food available here.Let me just place on record how awful I think the red meat is here that includes the British, Irish and New Zealand variety. I have managed to get by but often find myself longing for good South African groceries.

If I popped into a South African store my basket would look like this: Jennings fudge, boerewors, a variety of biscuits and rusks, crisps and fizzy drinks!  That’s not too much for a girl to ask for.