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To yourself be true

I’ve just watched a seriously disturbing documentary about people who fake who they are on social networking sites. I started out watching Catfish being filled with hope with the possibility of young love blossoming and as the story unfolded I found myself wanting retribution for the wrongdoers. I don’t want to give too much away but in the end I found myself shedding a tear for all the lonely people who feel unloved and are looking for acceptance and think the only way to be accepted is to fabricate the ins and outs of their lives.

As we go along lives path we meet many types of people but the one thing we all have in common is our deep need to be loved and accepted. Social networks have become a place where people put themselves on display and I’ve learnt to take many things with a pinch of salt. Popularity is now defined by the number of contacts and friends you have and strangely enough people are still lonely.

While I do enjoy using social networks I cannot let them define me. The idea of these networks is to make them a part of your life not your life. If there was one thing I could change about social networking is this billboard mentality people have when it comes to their personal lives. There’s a time and place for everything and social spaces are not the arena to showcase ones issues.

I enjoy sharing aspects of my life but I’ve decided where to draw my line in the sand. I don’t consider myself secretive but rather cautious because once your business is out there it is officially everybody’s business. Such a fine balance to expect no lies and still monitor truth!


This is…American idol!

So Philip Phillips was crowned the American idol and I was well happy with the result. There were quite a few murmurs on social networking sites following this announcement. I found it quite sad that quite a lot of the discussion came down to ethnicity. The major problem with the competition in my humble opinion and I’ve watched enough of these shows to see right through it. People seem to be complaining about the winners who are in fact chosen by the viewers. Surely the viewers can’t all be wrong.

The biggest problem I have with the competition is the actual formula which seems to require that the judges fill the top 12 with at least one of the following characters. Country singers, really young contestants, eye candy (though usually not very talented), gospel singers (preferably african american male), crazy hair contestants, struggling musicians and last but not least the twenty something singer with a guitar (preferably white male)!

So while many are disheartened about Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet not triumphing in all honesty they failed to crack the competition because they just didn’t get any better. The biggest crime they committed was becoming the proverbial one trick pony. Joshua and his incessant “soul screech” and Jessica and her “diva growl” just failed to evolve into original pop stars. Philip on the other hand started off as a “Dave Matthews clone” but steadily found his originality and in my opinion this is what gave him the edge (gosh I sound like Jimmy Iovine!)

That friends is my take from the comfort of my couch. Lets see what 2013 drags in though I suspect it will much the same… different toppings same recipe!

Double edged sword

For many of us being asked to give an honest opinion varies depending on who the person is asking the question. The tricky part is whether the individual actually seeks the whole truth or just wishes perhaps for you to stroke their ego and are horrified with your honesty. Now I’ve never been one to read between the lines of absolute statements. I just grind my teeth though when I realise that the person has no intention of considering the advice. Absolute waste of my time!

Recently I fell to the double-edged sword after being asked for my opinion. Perhaps it wasn’t honesty the individual was seeking. I must admit I was horrified by the response and kept thinking to myself that they’d asked for my opinion I did not offer it.

Looking back I have to now agree with my very wise father who says there are some things which should not be communicated by text. Emotion and attitude are left to the recipient to decide and depending what space they are found in it could have disastrous effects.
I often get annoyed by stuff I read particularly on social networking sites and usually after a moan to my long-suffering husband I try to look at things differently. Truth is nobody likes to be misunderstood. I guess the solution is clear communication.

What’s on your mind?

Social networking is such a wonderful tool sadly its misuse by so many often leaves a bad taste in the mouths of those unfortunate enough who get to read the drivel of people who feel the need to share every random thought that pops into their heads!

If you’re a regular facebooker, tweeter or blogger you soon realise that people are on different frequencies. Whenever I read something that causes me to question an individuals mental state my first reaction is to unsubscribe and unfollow. Perhaps I’ve been too harsh in my criticism of others and my inability to read between the lines leaves me confused most times.

In my opinion the solution is for us to refrain from making random cryptic statements. Share what’s on your mind clearly and then perhaps social networking will be even more beneficial to those we communicate with.