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Shoulder to cry on

I’ve spent a good part of the day looking for a quote about life that would describe the way I’m feeling. That hasn’t happened and I’ve decided to give it a go trying to sum up the very different aspects of life I’ve been exposed to over the past few days. I guess the thing about life is that stuff happens whether we like it or not and whether or not we deserve it. Life is so full of opposites. Death and birth. Laughter and tears. Success and failure. Victories and defeats.

I wish I had all of the answers to all of life’s most complex questions but I don’t. What I do have is loads of empathy and reassuring hugs. When I go through tough times and deal with unpleasant situations all I need is somebody who provides a shoulder to lean on and to listen to my rumblings and ramblings.
If you meet somebody who is going through a rough time just give them support and understanding. Life is unpredictable at the very best of times and though we know it goes on that’s not what you wish to hear when faced with death, sickness or heartbreak!