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Bank holiday fun

Since arriving in Britain I don’t seem to recall a bank holiday weekend that lived up to the hype. Today I woke up to glorious sunshine as it should be on a bank holiday and my motivation and zest for life was at its optimum. After a few household chores (because some things never change) I got the girls into the car along with scooters, a buggy complete with doll and water bottles. We arrived at the park and I realised I obviously wasn’t the only one impressed with the promise of a beautiful day and the buzz was contagious. Parents with children, dog walkers, action on the tennis courts, crazy golf, cyclists and so much more activity. I wished I could bottle that moment as a reminder that seasons just have to change. After the compulsory ice cream from a vendor we were on our way. On my way to the exit I was glad for the early start because the crowd had swelled.

My daughters were in high spirits and just wanted to be out and about knowing all too well that there are no guarantees of heart warming sunshine tomorrow. An afternoon at the zoo was just what we needed and once again we weren’t the only ones who had this idea. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a zoo that full of people. Sadly, I think most of the animals were taken by surprise with the unusual hot and sticky weather and all seemed to be exhausted. We strolled around and enjoyed the sights.

I’m winding down for the night and I’m taken aback by how the sun can make me feel so alive after an extended winter with far too much snow. It’s time to forget the way it was and enjoy the way it is. There is so much to be learned from the seasons. Dark days don’t last forever they just can’t. Here’s to a change a much needed one!


Fun and sunshine

So we’ve been enjoying the most wonderful spell of sunshine and it’s been rather refreshing. After spending a few winters here in the uk the one consolation is that the sun will reappear.

The winter feels a bit like going through difficulties and waiting for some respite from that problem. It’s so reassuring to know that winter and troubles don’t last forever! So at the moment the world just seems right in fact it feels like Christmas to me. All I want to do is eat, drink and be merry preferably outside.

So if the dreaded winter and his frosty relatives are visiting in your corner of the world take heart summer will eventually arrive. As for me I’m gonna make the most of the awesome weather because in true British fashion the sun will soon be evacuated.
Cheers to the toasty sunshine!

Golden rays

Today I enjoyed a wonderful sun-filled day in the park with equally beautiful people. Funny thing about sunshine is that it is a lot like love – you just have to share it.

I would’ve loved the opportunity to share a phenomenal poem about sunshine but alas I couldn’t find a half decent one!

Sunday morning rain is falling

Just woke up to find it’s wet and overcast! The thing about Sunday to me anyway is that it should be sunny and bright. That may be too much to ask on an island where rain is but a second away. A girl can dream can’t she? So instead of the day conjuring up visions of fun and relaxation it now has me feeling dull and lacking enthusiasm.

I guess if today is considered a day of rest the best way to achieve it is to have the kind of weather that forces you to take it easy. As for me I shall take the bull by the horns and enjoy the new day and perhaps I’ll be rewarded with sunshine!

Most wonderful time of the year

The weather was absolutely glorious today! Whenever the day starts off bright and glorious it makes me want to be young again. Life just seems to be filled with endless possibilities and that makes me want to smile.

It’s kind of crazy how the weather can affect a persons mood. On days like today I just want to smile at and greet every living soul I see. Everything about my life seems positive!

So here’s to more sunny days and endless joy, well maybe not endless, but I sure will make the most of this most wonderful time of the year!