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The beast is out!

Yesterday I had what seemed like the umpteenth visit to the dentist in the smallest time scale. After much back and forth I’d come to a decision with the dentist to remove a tooth. Once the date had been decided I began feeling very nervous and began to expect the worst. This was highly unusual because I have no fear or anxiety when it comes to dental visits. Admittedly my trust in dentists came much later in life. These days a visit to the dentist is as casual as popping out for a coffee.

While lying in the chair staring at the light with my hands clasped I prayed under my breath that the extraction would be a walk in the park and it was. I let out a sigh of relief when the dentist announced “the beast is out”. For all the problems that molar gave me I think his description was spot on.

The highlight of my appointment was informing the dentist I wanted my extracted tooth. The shock and surprise was funny. Truth is I really wanted to take my chance with the tooth fairy. I quickly realised that I may not get my weight in enamel so I’ve decided to treat myself for my bravery.

In the meantime the relief is amazing. I hope now that I’ll have the regulated six month break before I have to waltz back in.


Teething problems

After yet another visit to my dentist I just couldn’t help but feel totally let down by my gnashers. While it is recommended you visit your dentist once every six months I’ve taken it to another level by visiting mine at least once a month. When visiting the dentist it’s not like you can socialise with them. They greet you followed by a few questions then politely ask you to sit in the ‘chair of pain’. This is followed by a series of instructions and ends with the compulsory mouthwash. While you rinse your newly assaulted mouth the receptionists announces “Doctor your next patient is ready”.

From the day you’re born it really is just one milestone after the other and having your first tooth is a definite highlight. Then of course when you lose them one by one and look like something out of a horror movie but best of all you learn the importance of the tooth fairy. Finally the permanent teeth make an appearance and they are always way too big for your mouth. It is crazy to think that you’re now expected to keep them for the rest of your life. Like people and personalities teeth come in different shapes and sizes.

At this stage in my life I would gladly give my back teeth to be problem free. Sadly these are mine to keep and I have no doubt it could be much worse. So here’s to brushing, flossing, scaling, polishing and whatever else is thrown my way.

The tooth fairy

So my five year old has started losing her teeth.I have no idea why we feel obligated to reward them for something so natural. The very idea of the magic fairy scares me. I wonder what else she secretly collects while we sleep. I’m not entirely sure when I first heard of this fairy but for some reason I can’t seem to recall her visiting my shoe or pillow! My daughter informs me that she collects all these teeth to build a castle. Just the thought of it turns my stomach. I’ve been considering telling her it’s all a hoax but it may not go down very well with her. So I guess our fairy services may go on for quite a while yet considering she has two younger sisters. We wouldn’t want to ruin the magic for them!