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Pain, pain go away!

Oh my hat! Never mind the tooth fairy I’ve got some kind of tooth dragon hanging around and causing me the most intense pain. It’s funny when you’re experiencing any kind of pain it always seems to be the worst kind of pain. It’s been exactly seven days since my torment began and my dentist who’s ever so popular cannot see me for another ten days. Really? Step in my most dramatic telephone reaction ‘Are you serious? I’ll be dead by then!’

I’m thinking I can’t take this pain for much longer so step in the local pharmacist. Who would’ve thought that getting codeine would turn out to be a twenty questions marathon. After giving satisfactory answers I stepped away from that counter a step closer to having this pain under control. My plan is simple a trustworthy combination of ibuprofen, codeine and paracetamol…bang!

Amongst all of this dental drama I step up to a cashier and I’m informed I have a two drug limit. I think the look of shock on my suffering face let her know in no uncertain terms that I was walking away with all of my drugs by hook or by crook and I did. I couldn’t leave the store quick enough to start my regime and get back to some kind of normality. For the next ten days I’ll be figuring out just how to control the pain until I sit in that dreaded chair and possibly face the possibility of roof canal treatment.

Come on toothache give me a break already. Dentures seem like a pretty good idea right now!