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Routine business

Today I was woken up at what seemed like the crack of dawn. You see anything before 08:30 on a weekend is insane. After a rather busy week all I want and I guess it’s what most people want is to lie in just a teeny bit longer!

People often ask me what I do to fill my days. I don’t need to do anything as anybody raising kids knows just how demanding our little ones schedules can be. As a stay at home mother I just can’t find it in my heart not to attend my girls activities.

Some days I feel like hiding under my bed and letting the activities pass me by. I quickly remind myself how blessed I am to be able to accompany them to every activity. I know they love scanning the crowd and seeing me there with my trusty camera.

So I guess the trips to school functions and after school activities will continue for a while yet. Life is a cycle and I’m spinning in the child raising capsule at this stage in my life and I love it – most days anyway!


Early to bed early to rise

Well after a somewhat hectic day of socializing, dashing to the mall and an evening meeting I was well and truly ready for an early night. I was also slightly threatened by a headache that was promising to spoil my mood. I usually drag myself off to bed at about midnight so the thought of going two whole hours earlier was a bit unsettling. My husband had the job of providing me with a cocktail of drugs because from my experience I know if you go to bed with an ever so slight headache you usually wake up with a full-blown one in the middle of the night!

Just for the record I did not rise any earlier but I did wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus – not that I’ve ever been hit by one. On the plus side though that headache failed to fully materialise and Friday was waiting on the other side. Friday makes everything seem so much better.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Far from the madding crowd

Having three young children means that I should have some kind of routine but sadly this is not the case. When I became a mother I decided that I would raise my children my own way. Being traditional has never been my way!  This was relatively easy while I was the only one responsible for raising and teaching them many different things about life and my husband doing his share which always seems to be all things fun.  The time has now come when two of my daughters are in school and are exposed to many different ideas both positive and negative. It is of course a very scary time for me as apparent. I’ve now realised that I can no longer control what they are exposed to.

The weekend is upon us again and it’s my chance to give my girls a bit of the freedom they lose every time they go to school. The weekend in my opinion is a time for a serious lack of structure, time to eat all the food that is banned from their packed lunches and wearing mismatched clothes. It is a world far from the school gate, reading mat, maths board and assembly hall. It may only be two days but it certainly makes a difference to their little lives and mine.