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She ain’t heavy

In a previous blog I spoke about my feelings regarding my weight and how it wasn’t a cause for concern.  I also said the day I become unhappy is the day I would take action. After some serious soul-searching the time has come to say goodbye to the heavy part of me. It is action time!

In my attempt to shed at least fifteen kilograms I have some serious sacrifices to make. That sacrifice does not include my morning coffee with full cream milk. Having done an inventory of all the guilty parties. Here is a list of the got to go crew – chocolates, fizzy drinks, Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream to name a few.

Today was the first day of  my mammoth journey but if I have a fraction of the enthusiasm along the way I should achieve my goal. I just cannot stop short of the prize. Perhaps I should find a little something to reward myself with at the end.

I am sure the road ahead is long but I feel up to the challenge!


Natural women

Today while chatting to some women the conversation drifted off to weight problems. One of the ladies went on to say how unhappy she is with her weight and the shape she is in. Due to religious reasons she can’t really join her local gym because they don’t have separate facilities for ladies.

At this stage in my life I think I’m quite easily twice the woman I was ten or so years ago. Fortunately it doesn’t bother me I reckon if they make larger sizes I might as well wear them. I’m certainly way more confident than I was when I was younger and thinner. So I guess good things do come with getting older. Well having a man who sings your praises isn’t such a bad thing either.

So while I hear people speaking of losing weight and counting calories I just haven’t reached that point in my life. Until that day arrives I shall continue to do what I do best…snack, snack, snack!  Well done to the guys and girls on the journey it takes courage and much dedication. Go for it!