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Jack of all trades

Tonight I salute all the tradesman the world over. After watching way too many home makeover programmes my husband and I decided to tackle a painting job. Contrary to popular belief it is not as easy as just getting paint and a few brushes.
Now I should’ve known better what with my dad being a skilled painter. I just thought after years of watching him paint and my husbands enthusiasm we could do a half decent job. This was not the case just one wall into the job and we sank into the depths of despair.
Corners, plug points and skirting boards are enough to make you quit. We’ve started the job so I guess we’ll have to see it through.

I guess it’s a like owning an amazing camera and figuring that you’re a photographer. Not so!

So I hope when my family finally arrive here that we’ll be applauded for the effort at least. Move over sixty¬†minute makeover there’s a new team in town.