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How I met my mother

Happy mothers day to all the amazing moms. Whether you’re fortunate enough to have just one or crazy enough to have a tonne. To those with empty arms waiting patiently and sometimes anxiously if you’ve cared for somebody else’s child you’re a mom in my eyes.

This is a day to celebrate the woman who gave you life! Gifts aren’t everything but it is a way to show that you care. So whatever you present the first lady in your life with make sure it’s heartfelt. It is traditionally a day of flowers and chocolates how lucky am I because I love them both. Sadly though I’ve had my day in March but what the heck I’ll celebrate again today because I deserve it.

So here’s hoping you have a day that is tailor-made for you. Filled with love and gratitude. Moms are not perfect but they sure do try their best. Today is the day to focus on the victories not the shortcomings of mothers. Truth is nobody is perfect. Let it be a day of reconciliation and peace because it’s naïve to think that everybody appreciates their mother. We have one life let’s make it count.

Happy mothers day!


Mothering Sunday

So I’ve had a wonderful day. My husband and beautiful princesses have been showering me with kindness. Today is a great reminder that everything I do does not go unnoticed!
When tomorrow rolls around with its merry-go-round of chores I will remember that looking after my family is a very fulfilling experience.

Happy mothering Sunday to all the amazing moms who are selfless in caring for their families!

Happy mother’s day

Today mothers the world over are being celebrated and honoured!  Being in the uk of course means we celebrated five weeks ago…nevertheless, I took advantage and celebrated again. Mothers are truly special, I’m truly thankful that God has blessed me with three wonderful children.