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Reflections in the mirror

Whenever my husband or I discipline our girls the first opportunity we get we laugh about how grown up we sound and very parent like. Yes! I know we are parents but it’s hard to imagine that the things our parents said which certainly annoyed me are now my go to lines. I honestly thought I’d have a bit more creativity. Turns out you can’t escape those trusted reprimands.

If you’re a parent and you don’t find yourself sounding like your mother because for some reason the mothers always seem to have an arsenal of comebacks I’m not sure how you survive enforcing discipline. Some days I find myself asking “why can’t you just behave?” then I imagine them thinking to themselves “I’m just a child that’s what we do!”

My methods differ to the ones I was accustomed to as a child.
My first choice is to ban my girls from watching telly but it’s one of those where you should seriously consider the time limit you blurt out. At the moment that punishment is in place until the end of the school week. I do feel rather sad when they start displaying model behaviour and I’m tempted to give them just a little reprieve. Unfortunately at this stage of their little lives I’d also like them to know that my word is my bond even when it hurts me.
The naughty step is also one of my favourites for my youngest and it works great she always seems to just accept her punishment. Supernanny would be so proud of the both of us.

Children are an amazing gift and the responsibility on parents to shape their behaviour not just for now but their future is a daunting task. The challenge for me is to steer them in the right direction with support and occasionally some discipline without stifling their individual characters.Finding a punishment that fits the crime is a constant struggle. Perhaps the time has come for me to face up to the fact that I am a mother and being a bit of a nag bag comes with the title!


Joys of motherhood

The joys of motherhood! In my opinion this phrase is often used inappropriately. People usually say it when you express a difficulty which you have experienced!

Today I had to deal with yet another “joy of motherhood”. This particular one is called the terrible two’s. This is my third experience with a two-year old but I cannot recall my older girls being this feisty and defiant.
It was a long time coming…my daughter has a high-pitched scream which is most unusual for her age. When she started this trick of hers some time ago I just chose to ignore her. Sadly it just got worse.

I don’t think any mother likes to find herself in a position where you feel like you can’t control your child. I was that mother today and needed the help of a friend to defuse the situation. Needless to say I was terribly embarrassed by my daughters behaviour. She eventually fell asleep but I promise you when she did wake she found a mother who was silent and staring at her with the eyes of a flaming dragon.
Children can be so innocent and she was as sweet as cherry pie. At that moment I wished that I could be like a child and wake up with no recollection of trouble I’d left behind.

I have no idea how much longer she plans to use this terrible weapon. I do know for a fact that I won’t tolerate it much longer. I’m hoping today was the final blast of those precious vocal chords. We shall wait and see.
Oh the joys of motherhood!

Lay your hands on me

Today I attended a parenting workshop “parenting without smacking” It was quite interesting to hear about other parents experiences with regards to disciplining their kids.It also became quite clear that while you can have the theory in your head. When confronted with a screaming and defiant child it soon becomes clear that being reasonable may not be an option.

I walked away from the workshop and came to the same old conclusion that being a parent is no easy task.It requires you to be selfless continuously.So to all the parents who give and keep on giving…it’s not over!