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International Women’s Day

Women the world over were celebrated today. My day went by in the usual kind of way mainly involving seeing to my children. Just when I was thinking that my day was pretty mundane I spared a thought for many women who don’t enjoy the freedom that I enjoy daily.

Many questions were being asked about who we look up to as role models and what the future holds. There are many who were honoured today both past and present for the liberties we enjoy. My gift to all those courageous women is to be the best I can be with what I have and by helping other women reach their potential. It’s been said that women are their own worst enemies and by celebrating each others achievements and assisting through difficult times we become stronger.

Of all the things I have I’m most grateful for my education and honest friends who steer me in the right direction. My dream on this special day is access to education, social freedom and the right to choose a path in life of their choice with no oppression. It seems impossible but it is my dream!

If you know a phenomenal woman let her know that you’re inspired by her.



Forgiveness is hard work yet so rewarding!


Liberation for Libya

Tonight Libya is on the brink of freedom according to the latest media reports. So the world is watching with bated breath to see the outcome.

Freedom comes with great responsibility and my only hope is that the Libyan people are indeed prepared for the challenge! After years of  tyranny under a leader they referred to as a brother and friend the wheels of his heavy-handed leadership are now turning against him. The same way he usurped leadership is the exact way it’s being taken from him.

No doubt it is a very scary time for Libyans at home and abroad. It’s been said that change is as good as a holiday but the Libyan people have had change before and it turned out to be a disaster. Hoping for speedy change and peace for all the people of Libya.