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International Women’s Day

Women the world over were celebrated today. My day went by in the usual kind of way mainly involving seeing to my children. Just when I was thinking that my day was pretty mundane I spared a thought for many women who don’t enjoy the freedom that I enjoy daily.

Many questions were being asked about who we look up to as role models and what the future holds. There are many who were honoured today both past and present for the liberties we enjoy. My gift to all those courageous women is to be the best I can be with what I have and by helping other women reach their potential. It’s been said that women are their own worst enemies and by celebrating each others achievements and assisting through difficult times we become stronger.

Of all the things I have I’m most grateful for my education and honest friends who steer me in the right direction. My dream on this special day is access to education, social freedom and the right to choose a path in life of their choice with no oppression. It seems impossible but it is my dream!

If you know a phenomenal woman let her know that you’re inspired by her.


Dating deal breakers

Whilst doing my usual sweep of twitter I found the following topic trending: #ICantDateYou. It’s always interesting to hear and read peoples expectations of potential life partners. There was an extensive list but here are a few random reasons!

1. If you have no sense of humour

2. If you don’t smell good

3. If you’re a pot head

4. If I can’t be myself around you

5. If you believe in horoscopes

6. If you don’t respect your mom

7. If everytime you get mad you want to break up with me

8.If you try to change me

9. If you care about appearances too much

10. If you have no goals in life, no education, no job, no car, no desire to progress and better yourself

I think it is good to have expectations but it would do us all a world of good if we looked at ourselves and took stock of the things we can change about ourselves not to please somebody else or pretend to be something we’re not! Some facets of a persons life just require a special someone to come alongside and add magic to hidden potential!

School rocks

Today my four year old started primary school. I was such a proud mother just watching my little princess blossom into an independent little girl. So it was smiles all around.

This is one of many firsts for her and us. I hope she will cherish this opportunity to go to school and get an education which will eventually lead her on a path to success in her life. It may sound a bit dramatic but even in these days of many advances education is still seen as a luxury to many around the world more especially little girls.

So I guess I’m grateful that we live in a world where education is easily accessible and where many opportunities exist. My hope is that she will seize this wonderful opportunity!

Bright young things

I’m sure it’s a very proud moment for any parent when they realise that they have a gifted child. They will do everything in their power to get their child involved with the right people. Sadly these gifts often come at a cost. They don’t just cost time and money but for many a kid it costs their childhood.

As a mother of three young children I often wonder what areas my girls will excel in. Of course it is quite possible to mould them into the shape that best suits you. I’d like to think that when the time comes I’ll support them in any way I possibly can.

I often observe parents and judge them for pushing their kids too hard. The question I guess would be where to draw the line between children who are naturally gifted and those who need a nudge to bring out the best in them.

So to the dad who shouts the gym down urging his nine year-old to do a medley of strokes instead of messing around in the pool. To the mom who refuses to let her child go out to enjoy a beautiful summer day and instead practice an instrument. I hope it’s their dream you are nurturing and not reliving your own lost dream.

Every child is special in their own way…I guess some are just more special and that is something we all have to live with!