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The last supper

Tonight we had our last dinner with my parents before they head back to South Africa tomorrow after gracing us with their presence for one whole month. The primary purpose of their visit was to celebrate my birthday with me because apparently it wasn’t just any birthday it was a big birthday.

Counting down made me realise that I spend a large part of my life counting down days and always looking forward to the next big event. So once we wave them off at the airport and have shed those departure gate tears. Have I ever said how much I hate that goodbye gate and just watching loved ones looking back and waving until they disappear into what seems like a vapour. Departure sounds so final and can leave a person feeling empty and disorientated.

We’ve had a great time with my parents and it was good just travelling around the UK. The summer holiday has been full of activity but we’ve also had many pause and enjoy moments. Now for the final goodbyes until we meet again!


Hickory Dickory Dock

So the clock fell back an hour during the early hours of this morning. While people are claiming they gained an hour to sleep in I feel a bit deprived of sleep. It’s going to take at least 48 hours for me to adjust.

Daylight saving makes no sense to me and I’m not sure that it ever will. There is no daylight during the winter and I wish the powers that be would take note. This morning we were faced with a cold, wet and windy morning. This surely signals the season where people walk with their heads bowed, small talk ceases and occasional smiles disappear until the summer. Everybody has one goal to get into a warm, well-lit area.

Happy hibernation!

Fun and sunshine

So we’ve been enjoying the most wonderful spell of sunshine and it’s been rather refreshing. After spending a few winters here in the uk the one consolation is that the sun will reappear.

The winter feels a bit like going through difficulties and waiting for some respite from that problem. It’s so reassuring to know that winter and troubles don’t last forever! So at the moment the world just seems right in fact it feels like Christmas to me. All I want to do is eat, drink and be merry preferably outside.

So if the dreaded winter and his frosty relatives are visiting in your corner of the world take heart summer will eventually arrive. As for me I’m gonna make the most of the awesome weather because in true British fashion the sun will soon be evacuated.
Cheers to the toasty sunshine!

Seven days and seven nights

So today is the official end of the British summer and the now famous clock will backtrack a whole hour. Quite honestly I do not know the exact purpose for this daylight saving because the bottom line in my humble opinion is that the winter is dark and dreary no matter what time the crack of dawn happens to be.

The last week my family have been enjoying the half term break and it has been so relaxed. I enjoyed the total lack of structure and was seriously considering homeschooling my girls just to avoid the sound of my alarm clock. My daughters are already having back to school anxiety attacks and the thought of homework and early mornings is enough to make them fake a cough. So as we prepare for the longest and coldest days of my life I can’t help but long for the summer which failed to arrive.

Here’s to the dark days ahead!

Funky Friday

Today marked the last Friday of the summer holidays. To celebrate I took my daughters to a cool cats disco at the local library. Personally I wished that the dj looked less like a prison warden and more like a music man. Nevertheless the girls had a fantastic time playing the musical games and the dance routines.

I can’t believe how fast the summer break has gone. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. I’ll be rather sad to wake up early in the next few days. The highlight of my day is always waking up rather late.

So our weekend has started off with a bang and we look forward to lots more fun as we count down the last of the summer holiday!
Why do good things have to come to an end?