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The shoe monster

This morning my house was filled the sound of wailing, sniffing and sobs. If I’d been a passerby I would’ve imagined that something really awful had happened. Well actually something awful had happened my five-year old Gemma discovered that her school shoe had vanished during the night. I must be honest there was very little empathy from my side. You see I’ve told my kids on countless occasions the importance of storing shoes in pairs. I’m not dogmatic about where they are stored just that they be together.

I couldn’t help but feel today was the day for her to learn that lesson and I had no doubt the message would be made clear to her siblings. In between sobs I was asked what she should do. My ‘you should listen to your mother’ tone went into overdrive. My solution was simple choose another pair of shoes and I’m sorry they’re not black but fuchsia will have to do. At this point the crying went to another level and she eventually went to school in a pair of polka dot Wellington boots and a pack of tissues to dry a now endless production of tears and snot of course.

Safely in the car and on our way to school I started having second thoughts about the boots. I mean what kind of mother does this? I found a problem solver she could change into her physical education shoes after-all they are black, the downside is they are canvas and not practical for outdoor play on a wet turf.

On my way home I just knew I had to try to find that shoe and I did after all but two minutes. Now I would’ve just left them paired for her to find after school or I could take them to school and give her one less thing to worry about. Being the pushover I am I carted the shoes all the way to school. I’d like to think they’ve all learnt a valuable lesson. Somehow deep down inside I know this will not be the last time!


Where’s Wally?

I must admit of all of the things that annoy me as a wife and mother it’s being asked for stuff that has little or nothing to do with me and it drives me crazy. Between my husband and children I often feel like a lost and found desk. When I can’t find my belongings I search high and low until the item is found or declared lost forever. Usually it is one of my offspring who make my stuff disappear into that magical place where things find their way miraculously.

The other day I found myself telling my husband that if I had a dollar for every time he asked me have I seen this, that or any other random thing I’d be pretty well off. Shoes, coats, phone chargers, headphones, wallet and just about every one of his belongings. I must admit after all these years of looking for and finding his stuff I still find myself wanting to be sarcastic when he asks about his belongings and I cheekily asked if it’s a pair of shoes or coat that I’ve worn.He is really quite long-suffering but then again so am I because after all it is a fact that there is a place for everything and everything has its place. I really wish it was that simple.

This morning while racing against the clock to get to school on time, Gemma my five-year old could only find one of her school shoes. I threatened her with a trip to school in pink shoes which was cruel considering the school shoes are black. Needless to say she wasn’t impressed and she can be very glad today wasn’t the day that I was going to teach her the importance of pairing and storing shoes. The first place I looked I found them which is another mystery to me. They always say they’ve looked everywhere and the admiration when you find the missing item is priceless as if you’ve magically made them reappear.

I almost feel compelled to accept this role of ‘the finder’ although I can’t help but feel that I’m doing them a disservice by rewarding their carelessness. It’s been said we live and learn and perhaps now is as good a time as any to teach them some responsibility and the pain of consequence. Time will tell!

The mystery of slippers

I don’t think there is another item in my adulthood that has needed replacing as often as my slippers. Perhaps it’s because I’m home so much. Or could it be that the manufactures have a way of designing them in such a way that you just can’t own them forever. I love slipping my feet well okay I mean shoving them into a well-worn pair of slippers. Sadly just when I’ve custom-made them with my toe indentations and they are slightly tilted outwards like only I can do to a shoe they need replacing.

I’ve spent the last week searching for a worthwhile replacement because before I arrived in the UK I always wore a particular style. I’ve been forced to try different styles and I’m still searching for a pair as good as my native ones. Now you’re either a slipper person or you’re not. If you’re the former you are nodding your head in fierce agreement if not you can’t believe I’ve given slipper replacement this much thought!

Today I picked up a pair at a supermarket wouldn’t be my first choice but they looked pretty and very similar in appearance to my usual style. Needless to say after wearing them for the shortest time I can tell they are definitely not keepers but at least they look good.

So the next time you go around to someone’s home and find them wearing rather rotten slippers just know that they are afraid of losing their ultimate form of comfort. You might just be surprised to find a brand new pair waiting for its turn to be broken in like a stallion. Who would’ve thought a good pair of slippers could make a girl so happy. If you have a pair that make you feel ‘at home’ treasure them because I’m certain they will not last forever!


These boots were made for walking

Now I like pretty shoes just as much as the next lady. My feet unfortunately prefer practical shoes and sadly these always seem to border on looking quite industrial. Every now and again I try to bend the rules but my husband always seems to remind me of the sad state my nursing feet were in when he met me. He promptly bought me the most expensive shoes I’d ever owned(for work!) I so love him for that:)

Since arriving in England I’ve become curiously aware of designer shoes. So when I saw a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes recently I thought they would be well suited to my needy feet. Honestly though at that price I could not justify it.

I have this love hate relationship with shoes. For every two pairs I buy I take one back. This is a great source of frustration for my husband who reckons they either fit or not and apparently you should know right away. I don’t!

So today I bought a pair of shoes which are out of my usual league and I desperately want things to work out between us. I’ve never been one for heels but I guess it’s never too late to start.
Aah I just remembered I need to return a pair of practical shoes under my bed before the twenty-eight day return policy expires!