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My gift of grace

Seven years ago I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I went from being a daughter, sister and wife to being a mother. My life has changed dramatically since that day.

While there were many challenges in those early days the nurturer in me became common place. Somedays seemed like one rollercoaster ride after another. The end result was always the same extreme gratitude for the precious gift entrusted to me even after some episodes of helplessness and utter despair. I quickly learned the importance of seeking help and was pleased to find that people were willing to help.

While I know these are very early days and there will be many challenges ahead. I look forward to exciting times with my precious princess Charis!


How wonderful life is now that you’re in the world

My little princess is three years old today! I can’t imagine our lives without her. She never runs out of hugs and kisses to share. She is also very strong-willed and at times it takes way too long to convince her that there are better ways to do some things. She is an amazing storyteller and a chatterbox of note. She is a keen dancer and loves to sing.

Today is her special day and she knows it. She is all dressed up in her party dress and ready for afternoon tea with her sisters. She truly is an amazing gift who brings a special sparkle to our family.

Celebrating good times

Life has a funny way of reminding us that we should enjoy each and every day! Sad though that this reminder more often than not follows the death of somebody who for some strange reason we thought would live forever.

My husband celebrated his birthday yesterday and one of the perks of having young children is that they just want to have a party. So we had a wonderful afternoon tea party with cupcakes hardly suitable for a grown man. He loved it and I’ve no doubt they loved it more.

Celebrations are not just for special occasions. Each day that you rise should be an occasion to be celebrated. It seems a weird thing to say but I’m so glad to be alive. I hope you will join me in my celebration of life!

Magic moments

Undoubtedly the saddest moments of my time in England are when special moments are being celebrated by my family back home in South Africa.

Today my nephew celebrated his first birthday and I still can’t believe that I missed it. I was the one who always helped with the planning and did as much as I could to help where I could.
I know that life moves on but this is not one of the ways I imagined it would move on.

I enjoy my new life and all the amazing people I’ve met who I now call friends. Hanging around with my mates and their children does provide a wonderful social network. No matter how good the times are that we share they are just not family.

People ask me what I miss about my family. I miss just hanging around at my parents home, eating my moms delicious food, watching football and of course the willing baby-sitters! Oh man I miss just arriving for meals and not forgetting traditional Sunday afternoon tea.

I guess we choose our paths and sometimes these paths take us far from our families. I’m glad for all of the treasured moments and beautiful memories we now share!

Final count down!

In exactly ten days my family will touch down in the UK. I’m so excited mainly because I realise how fortunate we are to all be together as we celebrate my dads sixtieth birthday. So for the next few days I will inform anybody who will listen about our impending reunion. Honestly I speak to many immigrants who haven’t been back to their native countries or had any family visit them in their new surroundings. One of my mates has her parents visiting at the moment. They’re here to celebrate her fortieth birthday with her. I think that’s pretty awesome.

So for the next few days I’ve got to keep myself grounded for fear I might fly away from far too much excitement. Let the countdown begin!