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The beast is out!

Yesterday I had what seemed like the umpteenth visit to the dentist in the smallest time scale. After much back and forth I’d come to a decision with the dentist to remove a tooth. Once the date had been decided I began feeling very nervous and began to expect the worst. This was highly unusual because I have no fear or anxiety when it comes to dental visits. Admittedly my trust in dentists came much later in life. These days a visit to the dentist is as casual as popping out for a coffee.

While lying in the chair staring at the light with my hands clasped I prayed under my breath that the extraction would be a walk in the park and it was. I let out a sigh of relief when the dentist announced “the beast is out”. For all the problems that molar gave me I think his description was spot on.

The highlight of my appointment was informing the dentist I wanted my extracted tooth. The shock and surprise was funny. Truth is I really wanted to take my chance with the tooth fairy. I quickly realised that I may not get my weight in enamel so I’ve decided to treat myself for my bravery.

In the meantime the relief is amazing. I hope now that I’ll have the regulated six month break before I have to waltz back in.


Pain, pain go away!

Oh my hat! Never mind the tooth fairy I’ve got some kind of tooth dragon hanging around and causing me the most intense pain. It’s funny when you’re experiencing any kind of pain it always seems to be the worst kind of pain. It’s been exactly seven days since my torment began and my dentist who’s ever so popular cannot see me for another ten days. Really? Step in my most dramatic telephone reaction ‘Are you serious? I’ll be dead by then!’

I’m thinking I can’t take this pain for much longer so step in the local pharmacist. Who would’ve thought that getting codeine would turn out to be a twenty questions marathon. After giving satisfactory answers I stepped away from that counter a step closer to having this pain under control. My plan is simple a trustworthy combination of ibuprofen, codeine and paracetamol…bang!

Amongst all of this dental drama I step up to a cashier and I’m informed I have a two drug limit. I think the look of shock on my suffering face let her know in no uncertain terms that I was walking away with all of my drugs by hook or by crook and I did. I couldn’t leave the store quick enough to start my regime and get back to some kind of normality. For the next ten days I’ll be figuring out just how to control the pain until I sit in that dreaded chair and possibly face the possibility of roof canal treatment.

Come on toothache give me a break already. Dentures seem like a pretty good idea right now!

Teething problems

After yet another visit to my dentist I just couldn’t help but feel totally let down by my gnashers. While it is recommended you visit your dentist once every six months I’ve taken it to another level by visiting mine at least once a month. When visiting the dentist it’s not like you can socialise with them. They greet you followed by a few questions then politely ask you to sit in the ‘chair of pain’. This is followed by a series of instructions and ends with the compulsory mouthwash. While you rinse your newly assaulted mouth the receptionists announces “Doctor your next patient is ready”.

From the day you’re born it really is just one milestone after the other and having your first tooth is a definite highlight. Then of course when you lose them one by one and look like something out of a horror movie but best of all you learn the importance of the tooth fairy. Finally the permanent teeth make an appearance and they are always way too big for your mouth. It is crazy to think that you’re now expected to keep them for the rest of your life. Like people and personalities teeth come in different shapes and sizes.

At this stage in my life I would gladly give my back teeth to be problem free. Sadly these are mine to keep and I have no doubt it could be much worse. So here’s to brushing, flossing, scaling, polishing and whatever else is thrown my way.

Have you got a sunshine smile?

I’m at that stage in my dental life where I’m very close to adding my dental appointments to my list of unpleasant things to do.
After yet another visit to the dreaded dental surgery and a conversation that included words like root canal treatment, crowns, x-rays and a course of antibiotics it’s no wonder I’m seriously reconsidering our relationship. What happened to a good old scaling and polishing followed by a high-five and a six month follow-up?

Who needs teeth after all? Well not ones that now require a visit to the dentist on an almost monthly basis! I’ve got to revisit my dental routine. Clearly having every product recommended is not enough for my troublesome gnashers. So I’m gonna brace myself for the road ahead and hope for the biggest smile at the end of my journey with all my teeth intact!

Old habits really do die hard!

I would love to think that everybody has a habit which if it doesn’t drive them crazy certainly drives the people close to them to the edge of insanity. I have two such habits one which I’m totally aware of and the other is an involuntary habit!
The first habit is my amazing ability to crush hard candy with my teeth. Today I did what comes naturally to me and attempted to crush a mint imperial immediately after placing it in my mouth and what followed was absolute shock and horror. My very fragile tooth which was painstakingly worked on less than a fortnight ago literally crumbled with the sweet. Right now I’m absolutely petrified of returning to the dentist especially since her final instructions included looking after the tooth and trying to eat on the opposite side. This is not looking good. Believe me it doesn’t look good I’ve inspected the site with my very own dental mirror!

Sadly all of my habits include my teeth. The second is slightly more embarrassing and I’m happy for the opportunity to come clean. For the second time in my adult life I was informed by a dentist that I grind my teeth while I sleep. I guess it could be worse I could grind them in the mall. So after going through the various stages of being told you have a chronic problem I accepted the help offered. I am now the proud owner of a retainer for night use and am hoping to put this grinding to rest.

Here’s hoping for fewer teething problems in 2012!