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The joy of reading

It’s funny how you forget the early days of learning a skill. A bit like being annoyed with a learner driver because the truth is no matter how good you may be now you had to have learnt at some stage.
I’ve had to brush away the cobwebs of my memory in an attempt to remember the days when my grade one teacher Miss Redman taught me how to read Jack and Jill book one. Truth is I can’t imagine a time I needed to be taught to read. Alas that cannot be true because I was definitely not self-taught.

Once again I’m at a stage in my life when the importance of teachers is being highlighted. While parents do have quite a bit of homework to do you just can’t ignore the amount of work done in the classroom.
Gemma my four-year old is learning to read and the truth is that I just can’t wait for the fluency to kick in. Every time she gets her reading register out I just cringe when I think of every letter in every word being spelt out like only a early learner can do.
On the positive side though I know this phase won’t last forever and soon enough she’ll be like her older sister reading everything from my texts to my emails.

Reading can transport you to amazing places where you meet interesting characters between the covers of a book. Happy reading!


Far from the madding crowd

Having three young children means that I should have some kind of routine but sadly this is not the case. When I became a mother I decided that I would raise my children my own way. Being traditional has never been my way!  This was relatively easy while I was the only one responsible for raising and teaching them many different things about life and my husband doing his share which always seems to be all things fun.  The time has now come when two of my daughters are in school and are exposed to many different ideas both positive and negative. It is of course a very scary time for me as apparent. I’ve now realised that I can no longer control what they are exposed to.

The weekend is upon us again and it’s my chance to give my girls a bit of the freedom they lose every time they go to school. The weekend in my opinion is a time for a serious lack of structure, time to eat all the food that is banned from their packed lunches and wearing mismatched clothes. It is a world far from the school gate, reading mat, maths board and assembly hall. It may only be two days but it certainly makes a difference to their little lives and mine.

Super Dads

Today I took my two-year  old to the local library for our weekly shake, rattle and rhyme time. The librarians entertain us with various songs and rhymes for half an hour.

The real fun starts after this when you get to hang out with your child and socialize with the other parents. Of course the conversations always start the same, how old is your child and how many other kids do you have?

Today was particularly interesting with dads discussing teething and sleeping patterns! I couldn’t help but smile. It always makes me smile when I see dads taking responsibility. I know anything my girls do with their dad no matter how simple it is always seems to be more fun.

So while moms are super it seems dads will always have the edge and that is also okay in my book!

Love letters straight from the heart

Since learning how to read and write my five year-old absolutely loves writing letters. She enjoys writing rhyming stuff. A bit of a poet I say!

Now she reminds me of myself I absolutely love poetry and romantic sonnets are my favourite. I remember as a young child absolutely loving the Helen Steiner Rice greeting cards.

Since meeting my husband although he loves reading he is not a fan of greeting cards. So I’ve resorted to getting him the little blank cards but I think it’s time he got on board. I mean doesn’t everybody like reading a lovey- dovey greeting card. I sure do!